Photo Gallery: Michigan 79, Penn State 69


I know its typically not called, but this is just a foul…no?

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When this happened, I stood up from my seat and yelled at the ref who looks like Bill Clinton to call a foul. I actually said, “C’mon, Bill Clinton, that’s a foul! Call it.” Carefully avoided the deserved/necessary profanity.


I screamed it live too - and am glad @dustinj captured it so that I could be mildly upset about something that no longer matters :slight_smile: Great photo of Kobe’s effort

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And to be fair, Kobe is probably fouling Pickett to get the advantage here :man_shrugging:

Depends on how he got there (e.g. in a similar situation maybe he get shoved by an opposing player), but yeah it seems like a clear foul here.