Papa Kante requests release from NLI, will reopen recruitment

That logic never works for Michigan.

Nah rrod got in whoever qualified for ncaa minimum standards. He cried when demar Dorsey couldnt get in and then Dorsey couldn’t get in anywhere. Um does not have a specific allotment of min qualifiers allowed just looks down on it when coaches fill rosters with them and will use it against them if things are going bad.

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It may have had to do with the fact that Papa was an international student. Sometimes their classes don’t qualify for freshman admission. Wouldn’t rush to imply that his academic issue was necessarily grades.

Edited to add: others have made this point from a more informed perspective than mine.

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So much wrong in this statement


To me it is good sign that UofM has admission standards that are better than most schools.
I have always been proud of that. I always assumed UofM, NotreDame, and Northwestern were a cut above many schools.

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Um doesn’t though for high school prospects, jucos are almost always a no go and transfers can be difficult but um admits plenty of ncaa minimum qualifiers.


But they don’t


Kante also sounds like a toefl issue but trust me every us high school b1g(conferences can have slight differences) recruit would have gotten admitted to um(at least academically). Also with all the resources, awareness of qualification standards, social pressure etc. minimum qualifier prospects are rare these days. The quality of grades/testing scores among prospects gets better and better every year.


He must have found out who the coach was :wink:

Michigan waves the TOEFL test for candidates who come from institutions within the United States, as opposed to candidates coming from abroad.

It seems like there is a non-zero chance Kante’s drop has nothing to do with qualification

How many times have people noted that we need to open scholarships for transfers

I’m not saying he was “run off”, but if I were him, the acquisition of Tray Jackson would prompt a conversation with the staff, and that, combined with the fact we seem to be after another tall person would make me question my role on the team vs. what I perceived when I committed

I think I’ve said several times - if I were a player of his recruiting pedigree in the current environment, I’d strongly consider a mid major opportunity that gets me on the floor than being a spectator at a P5 school. If he succeeds at Toledo (random school I am naming) he can go to a P5 school and play in a year or two.

If I were his parent, I would strongly encourage him to do so


It has been stated over and over again that it is an issue with qualification.


I must have missed the reporting of this. I don’t see it linked in this thread. I see Wright’s vague post.

People tend to report gently around academic issues out of respect to the athlete.


This is essentially what you are doing with this narrative.

Obviously people aren’t going to outline the specifics of Kante’s academic situation but it has been clearly something that has been coming for weeks and months and brought up repeatedly.

People are trying to tell you this subtly and your response in this thread has been that it is obviously because of something else.

That’s why Michigan was inquiring about guys like Drew Fielder or whoever else. And why Michigan probably needs to go and get a backup big man.


I mean I’m not going to respond to you in kind because I don’t want to fight you, I’ll just say that characterizing anything I’m saying as being “obvious” is absolutely m, demonstrably not what I’m doing, and petty disingenuous.

“Non-zero chance” and “this is obvious” don’t line up

Obviously, my faith in message board insiders is too low.


Most of the times, they actually know what they are talking about. Webb has a high threshold for rumor mongering, so if he is saying that Kante is probably not going to make it in the class, than it is probably pretty obvious. I am not sure he has a direct line to Juwan, but he surely does with Saddi and Phil.

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The way I see it, once a scholarship athlete is accepted in a school, the coaches will do whatever it takes to make sure the athlete maintains a passing GPA by throwing tutors, and various academic resources. If the athlete raises red flags during the academic year, a bunch of things can happen to remedy possible failure that might render the student-athlete ineligible.

In the past they used to have the prop 48 (example Rumeal Robinson, Terry Mills) where an athlete did not have the proper academic credentials to be accepted in a school, but was allowed to have partial eligibility, until he/she meets the minimum requirement to escape academic probation and participate in athletic activities and competition.

I am guessing that Kante was offered a scholarship but he had to satisfy the minimum acceptance requirements (ACT or SAT). It is possible that he failed them and he did not have time or wanted to retake them. Since he is already in the US, Michigan waives the otherwise required language tests (TOEFL), but is strict with the minimum academic requirements.

I’m not sure a NLI means you’re definitely admitted. He signed in November, right? That would mean he would have no grades for his senior year at the time.

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I think we only admitted Prop 48 guys in the first year or two the rule existed. After that we only took full qualifiers.

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