Outlook this year and beyond

Levert is likely going to be shut down and this team is really going to have to fight just to get into the NCAA tournament. I remember thinking before the season started how promising this team looked on paper. In fact, many considered us contenders for the conference title. What is the outlook not only for the remainder of this year, but next year? We are losing our best player and have essentially the same roster. To me, the biggest deficiency is with the fringe players - Dawkins, Doyle, Wilson, Chatman, Wagner. That’s 5 guys in which there has really been no significant contribution. There is just way too much pressure on 2 guys (Walton and Irvin) to carry this team.

I think LeVert is a coin flip it can easily go either way. I like what we have next year it is this years team plus a decent guard who can contribute two ? as bigs and a project at guard. A lot of other big ten teams lose players so we have a chance but it will be VERY VERY VERY interesting.

The starting lineup will probably breakdown as follows:


With a bunch of other upperclassmen on the bench. The most experienced team this staff has had.

So it should not be a rebuilding year. If they don’t contend for a Big Ten championship, some serious questions about the direction of the program would be in order.

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I think if our starting lineup is going to be pretty solid if Donnal continues to improve. We’ve got to stay healthy though and Wagner needs to be a viable option off the bench at C. I don’t think we’ll be a conference contender next year as MSU should probably be the favorite. But off the top of my head, it looks pretty open in the conference behind them. Our bench and health will decide if we are a top 20 team or a mediocre team IMO.

The sad thing is, the only reason that MSU (sans Valentine and Costello and maybe others) will be the favorite is because of the incoming players they beat us for in head-to-head recruiting battles.

If our experience can’t beat their young talent, then what does it say about the state of recruiting at Michigan?

I agree that we should have high expectations but I don’t see next year being much better. Some improvement, sure, but nowhere close to competing for a conference title or even a sweet 16 birth.


For what it’s worth, I agree with you. I am just pointing out that if the excuses don’t end next year, they never will.

Look at our other rival OSU – a mediocre team that just handled us effortlessly and they won’t lose anybody next year. Plus they gain Funderburk.

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Expectations should be conference title contention with an upperclassmen laden team.

That’s not what I actually expect though.


As far as the rest of this year I would like to see JB give chatman some minutes instead of where Dakich is getting them as a one last chance thing for him. Also what happens if next year starts and we are still one over the scholarship limit?

I’m with u. I think they should sprinkle chatman in for 5-10 minutes. He’s looked ok the last few appearances. At least plays hard. Shot looks to be improving. I’d love to give him a look at this point.

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Yeah I find it hard to believe that Chatman is worse than Dakich. Don’t get it.

Interesting…B1G team rankings in recruiting class for next season (via rivals):
Michigan St 3
Indiana 17
Penn St 18
Maryland 20
Michigan 28
rest are unranked

I hope chatman stAys. I don’t think it’s over for him. Get him some small minutes now though to start working him in. I feel like he should be able to be our version of Tate from Ohio st. Midrange gAme/back to basket type stuff. Doing a bit of everything. Like I said to his shot looks more on in his his brief minutes. Plus some hustle and d,

Wagner developing over the off-season is the biggest variable to me. This team will compete for the B1G championship next year if he plays to his potential.

I agree on Wagner. We desperately need him to be the guy on the block next year.

As far as winning the big ten, I don’t see us doing that. We won’t have one true difference maker next year. No next level talent. If JB finishes in the top 3 next year, it’ll be one heck of a job by him all things considered.

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I am pumped to see Xavier Simpson and what he has in him. I don’t think he is the next Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Caris LeVert, etc. but I think he will be a nice role player. Also, for a hobby I write about the Big Ten and other sports I did a preview of every team in the Big Ten if anybody wants to see it message me.

I think that if all 4 of our big men stay that Jon Teske and Austin Davis will likely redshirt. It makes sense for them to do it. I think Teske would benefit like crazy from it. He has a small 210 lbs frame so if he can put on around 20 or more lbs he can be a very good big.

Might seem unfair, but I am sort of counting on Simpson to be another Trey Burke. If his ceiling is closer to Walton’s, he probably doesn’t have the talent assembled around him to lead this team to conference championships. Luckily, based on his HS numbers alone, I don’t see why he can’t be a first-team all-conference type guy. (I gather X’s HS is not on a level with TB-era Northland competition-wise, but I don’t remember TB dropping 65 points in games either).

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The problem with this is they play different positions. I think Chatman’s handle is good for his position. But if he’s counted on to be a primary ball handler, it’s below average. Chatman’s minutes would come at the expense of Robinson, Wilson, Dawkins and Irvin, not Dakich, Walton or Rahk.

Slide MAAR over to point bring Chatman in at the 3. Only need to do this for 3-4 min a half.