Our Class of 2022 Recruiting Board is live!


Added rankings to the front page of the board as well, so you shouldn’t have to click into a profile to see where a prospect is ranked.


Next rainy day I start sorting out my preferences. Very nice having the rankings on page 1. As always thanks, Dyan, for what you do.



Always open to suggestions if there are things you’d like to see added to the profiles as well.

I have a question somewhat related that he been bugging me. I’m not sure if it’s my own settings on my phone, but each time I want to read an article or go to recruiting profiles, I get asked to log in again. I click remember me each time, and maybe 20min later I’m already logged out again. Doesn’t do it with other sites.
Anybody experiencing similar issues?


How about a screengrab with John Beilein so we can argue about how tall they really are?


I have not had those issues on desktop but I’ll do some testing. Are you on iPhone/Safari?

Yes I have the issue but I’ve never griped about it because I have Face ID on my iPhone so it’s been a quick login.

Always been like this for me

I’m on Chrome on iPhone.

Thanks for looking into it Dylan. But obviously, not a huge deal. Just thought I would ask

I have the same problem.

I’ll do some testing and try to make some improvements.

On the positive side, I fixed the print button on subscription articles if anyone has had issues with it not including all content.


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