OU-KU going OT. Anyone watching?

Been a great game. Glad it didn’t end on that free throw as the refs have been pretty poor.

This is about as good as it gets. Buddy Heild is the real deal.

We’re in double ot now and teams are just trading haymakers.

Have not been a big fan of OUs offensive execution in these late game situations. Everything they do is one on one and its resulted in several bad shots in late clock.

Wow. Going triple ot. Both teams looked dead after the first few minutes of the second ot. OU went at least the last two minutes without even getting hield a touch. That can’t happen

Bananas. Buddy hield. And yes I realize I’m talking to myself at this point

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These teams are a combined 27-55 from three.

Refs missed the defender reaching over line on that inbounds

Great game. Battle for number one goes to ku. Tough last few possessions for hield in what was otherwise an unreal game. If any of you missed it, find a replay and enjoy. Probably the best game that will be played this year


Pretty incredible game… couldn’t believe that they didn’t stop that inbound play with KU defender way over the line. Visions of Illinois and Nnanna Egwu last year.

The win probability graph:

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Epic game and Hield is really special, but man, OU’s total reliance on isolation late in the game made for ugly basketball. I guess this is why I don’t watch the NBA.