Other 2014's?

I looked at Nik’s performance in non-conference vs B10 play, and I have to concede that Dylan is right, he didn’t struggle mightily. That being said, his play did drop off significantly. Stauskas shot nearly 52% from the filed overall and 57% from deep during non-conference play, compared to just below 43% overall and 36% from deep during conference play, I’d say that is a pretty big dip. Stauskas didn’t necessarily struggle, but I think most would admit he became pretty mediocre come January, especially if you account for his defense as well.

Bolden releasing his top 5 on Monday.

Just having a bit of fun

going to guess SMU, Indiana, UCLA, UNLV and Michigan/LSU for the last spot

Not thinking we have a chance anymore.

I’ll go UCLA, Louisville, Arizona, SMU, and UK.

Would love for Michigan to make the list, but yeah…