OT - World Wide Wes

So I’ve seen a lot of people talking about World Wide Wes being at the Michigan game and when I look him up he just seems to be a guy who is everywhere and knows everyone. Can someone please enlighten me on why he is such a big deal?


That was an awesome read

Awesome article thanks for that.

He is a Detroit guy. Was he there with Jordan? I know he has been connected to him in the past. Can’t imagine Beilein having any idea that he was there.

To the contrary, actually: When one of the most connected guys in basketball is on your campus, there’s little chance the coach doesn’t know about it. Between Nike contacts, common acquaintances, etc., how wouldn’t he?

And besides: It’s not like talking to the guy is against the rules. Sometimes we Mich fans take this above-the-fray stuff a little far.

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Wow, thank you

Beilein knew. I agree.