OT: Fantasy sports

Any of you play fantasy baseball? We have a opening in a pretty competitive fantasy baseball league.

Yes I played from 96-2010. Haven’t played lately for reasons out of my control. That said I’d be interested and would need more details. System ect.

I’m huge on fantasy hoops though. Anyone with any openings in Money leagues next year let me know.

We have a pretty unique fantasy basketball league we might have an opening in next year. 12 teams and we have a salary cap that mirrors the NBA salary cap. Guys that have bad contracts suck to own and guys that are rookie contract all stars are absolute studs.

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I’d be interested in any that are open, but also do a lot more basketball than anything.

Was going to ask Dylan if ok, but as this thread is open… if there is enough interest just within this group I’m happy to set up a league next season

I’d probably play. I’m in so many league as it is, though lol.

If you do, make sure I’m notified because I’d join.

I would definitely join

Sorry @hailtoyourvictor but I just can’t do fantasy baseball. I always end up neglecting my team.
JVS-- if you remember to post it here before next season I’d love to join in on basketball.

Great, rather than keeping a log now, will just post something in late Sept with the league setup link.

For those who follow fantasy, Draymond’s night last night will go down in fbball history. A night never seen before, and probably never to be seen again, 4 points, 12 boards, 10 assists, 10 steals, 5 blocks. Only 10 steal/5 block game in NBA history, and only triple double w/o points in NBA history.

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I think a Big Ten college fantasy basketball league would be fun.

I’ve been trying to organize one of those for years. Would absolutely love that

Played in a pretty fun college basketball league for a few years but then got kicked out for arguing with the commissioner.

What was it run through? Or was it just manually done? I haven’t found many sites that host something like that

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Fantrax lets you. We can dabble with it this summer.


I’ve done college but you gotta bracket what conferences are in play. We use to allow two players each out of each conference. Big ten or power 5 would be really fun.

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I’d be all in on a Big Ten only league, that would be classic.

It would be interesting. Get 14 heads, 12 guys each heads up category format? Can get anymore realistic. Dakich a sleeper in 17-18?