Opening night games

Predictions for any of the games tonight? Any teams or players you are particularly excited to see/hear about?

I think MSU sneaks by Arizona and Kansas handles Indiana pretty easily. UM-specifically I’m excited to see how the backup big minutes are handled, who may redshirt, etc.

I like MSU over an (even more) injured Arizona team.

IU/Kansas is intriguing… Don’t have a good feel on that one with the line around 6 or 7 points. IU’s PG situation is something that I need to see before I can believe in them.

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Any idea guys on where to watch it? I have btn but not plus. I feel like this happened last year to but I saw it still somehow. Would love any ideas. Really wNba watch

I sprung for btn plus this year. Watched all the UM/MSU exhibitions so far. I do remember there being a link last year though

If someone could help that would be great. Don’t want to pay for the package for one game. Although id pay five dollars for a game or something

$10 should get you this game and the game later this month.

Yea ok I’ll go look

UCLA destroyed Pacific.

Texas snuck by Incarnate Word

UCLA has a ton of firepower. Ball and Leaf are ridiculous.

Still, I’m holding our hope that our game in Westwood isn’t like recent December road games at Arizona and SMU.

We better step our game up. Lots of things about yesterday made me nervous. Very happy with donnal and Wilson. Wilson playing with a high motor is huge, donnal playing with confidence is as well as he has a nice face up game. Our bench could be good

Those who didn’t watch the game should feel lucky. This team is very fortunate that Howard didn’t have their best player and leading scorer in the country. If they did, I’m doubting we win this game. I hope all the fouling isn’t a sign of things to come, WAY too many careless fouls. Irvin and Robinson look awful. We aren’t going to win many games with them playing like this. I hope they get things turned around rather quickly. Love what Wilson is bringing to this team and I think he should be starting alongside Wagner and bring Robinson off the bench. He’s being tightly guarded and isn’t responding very well to it. Here’s to hoping tomorrow brings better things.


I have to say that the thought that Daniel, who scores a lot, but is notoriously inefficient, would have turned a win into a loss is a bridge way, way too far for me. Howard was, offensively, about as efficient overall as they were last season with Daniel. The game might/probably would have been closer, but I have no doubt we win anyway.

Serious question–do you think we would have won most of our double digit Big Ten losses last year with LeVert? Because Caris is a lot better than Daniel.

This is a tough crowd for an opening day that saw Uconn lose to Wagner? It is the first game and the team never seamed in trouble of losing. Received some good show from Wilson and Donnal. If we get nothing from Wilson all season but energy rebounds and defense I will be happy. Some of the veterans were off but I expect them to lead this year. Walton is the unquestioned leader of this team on the court in my opinion.


Game was sloppy and choppy due to the all of the whistles (there were even more in IUPUI’s first game), but I don’t buy the idea that Michigan suddenly would have lost if Daniel played. In the end, the score was almost on the nose for what KenPom projected, so about as expected.

I also think that match-up zones like that tend to be hard to crack, especially early in the season. We’ve seen Michigan have some sloppy offensive showings against 2-3 matchups in the past.


I think he makes it a one or two possession game. With the way he draws fouls and is always in attack mode, it would have been a huge problem for us. We were in foul trouble without him playing and he scores 27 a game.

I mean they missed 15 free throws. I wasn’t impressed with anything at all really. Again, hopefully tomorrow we see a much better team out there.

So you think he’s a plus 15 player? Again, what would Caris LeVert, a first round pick even while injured, grade out at?

The guy changes the game completely. I just wouldn’t want to play them again with him in the lineup, that’s all.

I agree but I don’t think they lose. Some positives though. Also maar should get more minutes in the future and more touches which benefits the roster, I hope Walton can shoot from deep well all year. Really helps.

Penn State lost to Albany. Their blogger at black shoe diaries is looking on the bright side though:

“The frosh are pretty damned good. Carr, Stevens, and Watkins, all scored in double figures (Carr had 14 points, and Stevens/Watkins had 10 each). Watkins also showcased why the coaching staff raved about him for the past year, blocking five shots. Those are Calvin Booth-like numbers, folks. The downside though, is the freshmen also combined for 7 of the team’s 12 turnovers. If they can clean those turnovers up, the sky’s the limit for this crew.”

“I was half-serious about the “This is Fine” title of this recap. Yes, this loss stings, but it came against a more experienced Albany squad that has serious NCAA Tournament aspirations this year. These types of upsets are not all that uncommon in college basketball season openers and they have bitten teams far more talented and prestigious than Penn State.”