Open practice/scrimmage before MSU football game (10/29)?

In years past at this time of year there have sometimes been an open practice/scrimmage prior to home football games in the week or two prior to the start of the season. Has anybody heard anything about this possibility prior to the MSU football game next Saturday?

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Michigan Madness is this Friday (not before the MSU game).

Not sure that Juwan has done any other sort of open practices in the past.

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I believe it was streamed somewhere last year. Any word on that happening this year?

Yeah that’s kind of what I figured, I don’t recall Juwan doing it either. Its just that I happen to be traveling back to Michigan for the first time in years for the MSU game next weekend, and I recall going to those open practices before football games in years past…I remember Fisher and Amaker doing it, and I think Beilein may have done it a few times.