One year ago today

Wasnt planning on getting emotional on a Wednesday morning, but here we are.


And everything has been normal since.


Unbelievable. That feels like yesterday.

I was going to say, that feels like such a long time ago! :joy::joy:


Haha, yeah, kind of both

I remember I slept in late that day and I woke up to 4 or 5 missed calls and 16 texts. Was worried something happened to someone in my family. Turns out the news wasn’t that much better.

When I read the texts and voicemails I thought this was a joke until I turned on the TV. Was devastated. Just sat in silence for awhile.


I was on vacation on the west coast so I started getting text messages at like 5 am pacific time. Really put a damper on that day of the trip. Feels like a long time ago with how much has changed since then.

Thanks for sharing Dylan. Absolutely crazy how much has changed since then in the world as a whole and even with basketball. Beilein isn’t even their coach any more!

I was driving to work and got an alert on my phone from a twitter notification. Thought it was a joke because it was so recent there hadn’t even been a post on UMhoops about it. That became the least productive day of work in my lifetime.


Thought is was an odd decision for such an intelligent person and coach. Going to work for the biggest moron owner in sports.

Really laughable how naive Beilein was to how the NBA worked.

Lasted half a season and was rumored to want to forgo the remaining money on the rest of his contract (I hope he didnt).

It played out horribly as everyone predicted just accelerated.

Michigan Basketball has a baffling history of successful coaches just leaving to go elsewhere. I thought Beilein wanted to break that trend. I appreciate the hell out of him and everything he did. The ovation he received on Senior Day illustrates how he is still revered.

It is almost as if he left to prevent becoming immortalized (Statue and Court naming) which he probably never wanted anyway.