One more year for Bo Ryan

Statement from #Badgers head coach Bo Ryan

— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB) June 29, 2015

Gard has been with Ryan a looooooong time. Since 1993. Will be very interesting to see how he does with the job. I expect he’ll get it because it just fits Alvarez’ MO with hirings (sans Gary Andersen).

Bo Ryan - one of the most obnoxious guys around, but a damn good coach. His teams played hard and were never a joy to play against, which speaks to the consistency he established there. B1G is worse off without Ryan in terms of quality of coaching.

Yeah, can’t say I ever loved playing against Ryan, but that’s probably a good thing for the conference. He will be missed, but he built an impressive name and resume in his time at UW.

Been really trying to figure out the timing of the whole thing…

Find it very interesting that Wisconsin isn’t naming Gard as the successor right now, which makes me believe this is some sort of attempt to strong arm Alvarez into doing just that.

Wisconsin is going to go almost the entire year without a successor? Seems like a terrible plan for recruiting.

Yep, my guess is Bo wanted Gard named as his successor and Barry said we have to go through the process, so Bo put out this statement. Both of these guys are tough birds who can be very stubborn, but I think in the end, probably sometime before the season begins, Alvarez will name Gard as the next head coach at Wisconsin succeeding Bo Ryan. Could be wrong but this is my take on it.

Bo Ryan grew on me. Great coach, and a great guy when he’s not prowling the sidelines. Easily my second favorite coach in the BIG.

Bo Ryan has been a great coach, no doubt.

Sure hope Wisconsin continues to be a good program. Big 10 is a tough basketball conference because of great coaches.

Barry will want to talk to Bennett before making a decision.

I can’t say he will be missed. I was never fond of him as a coach. I can’t stand whiners like Bo and Izzo.