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Some good stuff here…


This helps explain why such a thing as a “non-commitable” offer might exist. Players and clubs want to collect offers so universities give them an “offer” to publicize even though it is in effect meaningless as far as being an actual scholarship offer.

Clearly Martin and Beilien agree on this situation

This is generally the case for any offer that is pretty early in the process and doesn’t involve a visit, or is made by an assistant, etc.

In layman’s terms it is basically a call to someone saying that you are interested and they should visit campus.


There is also a HUGE different between an offer and a coach saying “we really liked what we saw this past weekend.” Recruits see that as the coaches “wanting” them and then the recruits thinking that “wanting them” is equal to an offer.

You’ll see a lot of kids with “20+ offers.” In reality, many of those offers are no longer committable and the coaching staff has moved on. Yet, the “media” and the kids/their families/AAU coach/HS coach still count those as offers even though the coaching staff potentially hasn’t contacted anyone involved with the kid in months. There is so much more to the process that doesn’t get reported.


So wouldn’t devils advocate say just toss out the “offers” if they don’t mean much anyway? Let them count them on their Twitter.

Well Michigan’s approach is quite clearly to make sure that offers mean something. Establish a relationship and then offer kids that you really want and have mutual interest with.

The Tom Crean approach is more in line with what you suggest.

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I’m fine with JB’s approach, so long as it works. There needs to be “love shown” and good communication too. I do like that we seem to be casting a wider net in recruiting too. I think that’s important as options come and go.

…and Tom Crean is in a whole other stratosphere haha

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In recruiting, Michigan goes its own, unique way, amid new era of college basketball


Lot’s to unpack there, but great read. Would recommend it to everyone.

Really enjoyed this article. Good insight. Sounds like Easley would commit if offered by Michigan.

Interesting article. Contrast that with a discussion yesterday on Sam Webb’s show about some blue chip football player’s comment that Michigan would get more top football players if they didn’t hand out so many offers. Different strokes for different folks.

From the Mlive article:

“He recruits nice, educated, respectful young men,” said Isaiah Livers, a rising senior at Kalamazoo Central High School. "He wants to know if I’m a gentleman.

Too funny.

What a great article.

That said, how do you view the scholarship situation for 2018?

I think its clear we are going to offer Ryan. Where does that leave Carmody?
I think its also clear we like Brandon Johns the most out of Johns/Easley/Kithier. Do you think we offer another 4 man (Easley/Kithier) this early in the process with Johns still undecided? Sounds like Easley is begging for an offer. He just may commit on the spot.

Next couple weeks should be interesting.

Do kids beg for an offer because they want to commit or just because they want to collect another offer?

This is the big question I think… Kithier and Easley are both probably more likely to accelerate their recruitments with an offer than Johns. Johns is probably the guy they like the most (he already has an offer), but what does that mean going forward.

Tough to project a bit because of uncertainty as to how 2017 will wrap up as well.

They’ve shown in the past that camp evaluations can be very important though, so this weekend should be interesting.

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Nice article I just don’t like the comment they’re into building a team and not amassing talent. That sounds like a big shot at teams that look for guys that are 1 and done or maybe 2 and done. These teams like Duke/Kentucky are still looking at putting a real god team in the court. Part of building a team is amassing the best talent possible.

I don’t necessarily believe players beg for scholarships. Players in the top 100-200 are good enough where a lot of power conference schools will be after them. I would be interested to see the average scholarship offers for guys in the top 100 etc. These guys are probably looking at a minimum of 6 or 7 offers.

Thought the discussion earlier in this thread (original post) about how important scholarship offers can be more AAU coaches and prep school coaches as much as players themselves. Another underrated dynamic.

That was one of my favorite quotes from the article. I think Beilein puts more emphasis on finding good citizens who will become good teammates than many coaches do. I think it also means he is looking for pieces who will work well together. I think UM has less drama and off court issues than any team in the B1G.

Talent is always important, but many teams with a lot of talent don’t perform up to expectations.