On offensive improvement

Last year, U-M scored 812 points in 772 non-conference poss. This year, scored 1032 points in 854 poss. That’s a .16 PPP improvement.


2014 team scored 951 points on 797 possessions, 1.19 PPP. Right around this group’s 1.21.

Interesting. Is there an easy way to compare SOS of the two years’ non-conference schedules? Be interesting to see. Even in our tougher games this year we seem to be able to put up points alright. Just not enough to make up for the horrible defense.

This year: lost to SMU, UConn, Xavier but beat NC St and Texas
Last year: lost to SMU, Villanova, Arizona but beat Syracuse and Oregon

…but last year we lost to Eastern and NJIT haha ouch

I think they are pretty similar, but tough to compare directly. Last year’s team couldn’t score like this even against bad teams.

Here’s an example. Last year’s team scored over 1.2 PPP three times all season:1.41 vs Nicholls State, 1.34 vs. Hillsdale, 1.23 vs Rutgers.

This year’s team has smashed that barrier eight times in 13 games. 1.51 vs Bryant, 1.49 vs YSU, 1.47 vs Charlotte, 1.31 vs Elon, 1.25 vs Texas, 1.25 vs HBU, 1.23 vs Delaware State, 1.21 vs Northern Kentucky

Sure some of those games are against bad teams, but I’m not sure last year’s team could have played that well on air last December.

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Not advisable to play zone against this M team. This team against Syracuse would be a great case study.

Get the logic, but seven of those 8 teams are absolutely horrible! We’ll see what I they do against the B1G especially when someone is actually guarding Robinson.

Food for thought:

Full season 3pt% = 40.2%
Conference only = 40.5%

Full season 3pt% = 35.9%
Conference only = 35.4%


My post wasn’t comparing this year’s team to that team. It was to show how, the past two seasons, 3pt shooting percentage has not really dropped off from non-conference play to conference play. I figured that was pretty obvious.

What accounts for the difference to last year, other than schedule? Duncan Robinson. Everybody is a year older and more experienced, including the bench. Wilson and Wagner are new, but haven’t had that big of impact. The starting five is the same except Robinson for Chatman.

Again, I never meant to compare one team to another. I was just showing that, contrarily to popular belief, 3pt % going forward shouldn’t really be expected to take a big drop even though strength of schedule will increase.

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I wasn’t responding to your post, if your remark was directed to me. I was replying to Dylan’s original post about improvement.

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DJ Wilson’s 3 point shot is for real.
Donnal has showed some aggressive play 2 of the last 3 games. He needs to bring it against the Illini. He’s really made strides.
Wagner is in a lull currently, but it’s only a matter of time before he gets more comfortable.
Dawkins really is on the cusp of breaking out. I like some of the things he’s done, off the dribble, passing, running the floor. Needs a five hour energy before a game.
Irvin finding his 3 stroke? I think so.
Robinson is phenomenal. He makes everybody better every time he steps on the court. Better athlete than given credit for. Coach Beilein was right about his great passing ability.
MAAR improvement is noticeable. Like that he’s getting some assists and hitting some 3’s.
Caris is Caris. Very good. Better when he distributes more. Becoming confident in his teammates.
Walton on of the best point guards in league.
Doyle is slowly improving. I like his two handed rebounding and pass catching. Needs to do more of it.
Chatman is probably a year away.

I’m 'cited about the Illini Wednesday.