On Matthews' slow start vs UNF

I rewatched the shots he took and I really only had a problem with one (an off the dribble contested pull up from 17 feet).

He missed a tip slam, a bad alley oop, an in and out three, a couple of pull-ups in the middle of the zone (he made several of these during the game) and then had a bad miss early where he looked like he could have finished but instead over pivoted/spun.

For the most part, he was taking the shots that Michigan wants him taking. Key points to clean up are keeping things more simple when he drives to the rim and then making the easier play in transition (or on a tip slam) instead of going for the highlight.

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I was fine with the shot selection and like that he is willing to stay aggressive (because we need him to be). The only concern I really have are the FT misses. Hopefully he isn’t a 50% or worse shooter because if he is, I guarantee that will cost us at least one game.

Beilein said something along the lines of ‘he’s not a great shooter, but he shouldn’t miss two at the stripe’. That’s when he knew Matthews needed to sit down and regroup.

He didn’t shoot the FT well at Kentucky (14-of-34) but his jumper looks so smooth that maybe they can get it figured out.

Coach B in the presser said Charles should be able to shoot in the 70’s or even 80% from the line. That would be more than acceptable. He really seems so calm and cerebral to me. I think he has a quiet confidence. I expect good things.