On ball screens, Jordan Poole, Michigan's offense and the future



You nailed it on this one. Agree completely on all the Poole stuff


Absolutely nailed it



That’s a fine article Dylan. Last year coach Beilein told Sam Webb that Poole is “an interesting guy for me to coach”. It feels like the two never quite fully understood each other – or maybe it’s trusted each other 100%. It happens. And when it doesn’t fulfill a kids’ potential within the concept of a team it’s frustrating for all parties.


Great article.

Just so damn frustrating his career went the way it did. A bit more maturity and selflessness from Poole and we could have had a really, really special season.


OUTSTANDING writeup Dylan!!!

Your recommendation for next year to make the Simpson-Teske pick-and-roll as efficient s possible is surrounding it with weapons who don’t need the ball in their hands to be effective. We need guys who are elite spot-up players to make the offense as efficient as possible.

From what I have read, Justin Pierce fits that mold at the 3 position very well. DO YOU AGREE?

Please rank the following players as to who fits that mold the best at the 2 position:


Now please adjust these rankings of yours for your perception of how they would play DEFENSE at the 2 position.



Lol is assigning homework to Dylan one of the perks of a subscription to umhoops?


I am very sorry if my request is inappropriate! Maybe I should just quit reading about college basketball and trying to learn more about it.

I am fixated on our recruiting to fill the gaps for next year and just thought his putting rankings next to these 6 players w/r/t their off-ball effectiveness would be an easy way to describe who does and doesn’t have these capabilities.


Definitely not inappropriate, no worries there. I think you asked a similar question for the mailbag that I’m working on coming up with a coherent answer to.


Interesting read, as usual, Dylan. I maybe completely off base but. . .
JP reminds me of the person who had good (for the team) intentions whispering in his right ear and bad intentions (his dad) whispering in his left ear. At some point you have to listen and act on one of them. It is frustrating to see an obviously talented kid not listen with his right ear. IMO, the coaches had selfless motivations and his dad had selfish motivations.


Something along those lines. I think it just illustrates how hard it can be in the modern college basketball game to weigh all of the voices (players, parents, coaches, teammates, social media, trainers) in your ear and just play.

Nothing personal about any individual player, you see it every where. At low-major levels it is about transferring up a level, one-and-dones this is a huge issue, it is just part of college basketball right now.

Poole’s dad coming out and saying it all makes it easy to envision the kind of impact it had on him.


And now understanding the role JP’s dad was playing, it is easier to understand how Beilein could tell Quinones several weeks ago that he was being re-recruited by Beilein because we would be having an open spot for him.


Yes, the news that Poole is staying in the NBA Draft wasn’t a surprise to Michigan. This had been in the works and that’s why Michigan had been recruiting like it was happening this way.


Dylan, if after a supposed outstanding OV with Justin Pierce last weekend where Beilein perhaps felt it highly likely that Pierce would commit to Michigan next week, do you think his conversation with Franz Wagner yesterday was one where he told him (1) how he would compete with Justin Pierce for playing time at the 3 position or (2) how he could start at the 2 position for Michigan and improve our offensive efficiency by being a great spot-up player shooting 40%+ from 3-point range and “attack a closeout, drive-and-kick or make the extra pass”? I just want to know if, based on your analysis of his play, if Franz is capable of all these roles.


Wishing JP the best, hopefully, he gets drafted in the first round otherwise the NBA is a very tough deal. It seems like JP compares favorably to Luke Kennard. JP is probably a little taller and longer. Neither are explosive athletes and both have plenty of range.

Modern college basketball is a billon dollar business so I can’t criticize a player for looking toward his own future but Dylan’s writeup helps make sense of last season.


I wouldn’t say he compares favorably to Kennard. Kennard was almost a 20 PPG scorer his sophomore year at Duke. Shot 44% from three, 46% overall, and grabbed 5.1 RPG.

Poole shot 37% from three, 43.6% overall, and had 3 RPG. Averaged seven fewer PPG.

Their assist numbers were basically a wash.


Good point, I didn’t check Luke’s college stats !


great article Dylan.


Well said.
Also, this is the reason why I think Michigan will better next year than a lot people will project:
“It is a lot easier to coach (and win) when individual roles are catered to winning rather than showcasing.”