Ok. St. banned from postseason

#1 prospect Cade Cunningham is committed to Ok. St. And he played at Montverde with Zeb Jackson (I think).

Soooooooo . . . any chance?

Sorry, here’s the tweet.


My guess in G League Select team for him


Put this in another thread because I missed this one being started but apparently they (he) wants to go to college

Would OK State release Cade? Does his eligibility stay intact if OSU doesn’t have incentive to keep an information about him getting paid secret?

Cunningham can get his release because of the postseason ban. And have to assume Oklahoma State will help him because they’ll be screwed over with other recruits if they don’t. There wasn’t a secret payout. They hired his brother as an assistant (his brother has a coaching background similar to a lot of coaches at the D1 level with being connecting with AAU teams and then was hired at Tulane), it was very out in the open.