Offseason Thread - Moritz Wagner

He’s up to 239 from 211 at this time last year.


Great news about Mo and DJ muscle gain. Now waiting to hear about Duncan.

He played at 225 lbs last year? A 13-lb gain is pretty good. That should help him bang down low a bit.

He’s growing

He and Teske should be a good match up for both to practice against.

His personality cracks me up. Fun guy to watch and looking forward to him battling it out in the post.

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Go up and get it, big guy.

29 pounds heavier and jumping 7.5 inches higher! Amazing!

I really hope our offense adjusts a bit to feed him and not just on pick and rolls. Working him on Isos on the block would be good for him and us. He’s shown nice back to the basket moyves with solid foot work. I think if we get him work down there like we did with Mitch that this will really improve our whole offense. Better spacing, touches, cuts. This will all get us better shots and more points.

Also what about his three point game? He seemed comfortable shooting it last year althouîgh he only hit one or two. The way in which he faced up with ease and no hesitation led me to believe either he’s a moron who just chucks all the time or morre likely he’s a solid pick and pop guy who just shot poorly last year.

Wagner might be becoming my favorite player on the team. No disrespect to Donnal or the freshmen, but I hope he eats them up in practice.

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