Offseason Discussion Thread


I definitely wasn’t sure if that was a rule either. Thank you for clarifying.


Pretty sure it is available as many times as players would like now. They change the rules often though, believe the latest iteration allows that.


Ok, I wasn’t positive. That’s good though. Do you know if any player has actually declared multiple times and returned back to school?

I tend to think Moe will either go or stay and not go through the process undecided again but that’s just a guess.

I would be pretty stunned if he came back all things considered.


I believe Corey Sanders did in 2016 and 2017, before now hiring an agent this year.


Still no answer to the million dollar question.

As shown by Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker and a bunch of other players, there’s a pretty good path between the Euro-leagues and the NBA. If the bread is good, why not do it this way?


He would not make a million dollars in Europe straight out of college. That would be as much as a late first-round pick makes in the NBA.

The range that players make over there really depends on how good the league/team is, but I think it tops out in the 3-4 million range. That’s usually going to be for established pros/internationals over there and ex-NBA guys who come over.

For example, Ekpe Udoh was making over a million in Turkey before he came back to the NBA.

From Moe’s point of view, the path to the NBA goes through the NBA Draft. He would want to be drafted this (or next year). There’s a chance that an NBA team could ask him to play overseas then (draft and stash) but I’m not sure if that would even make the most sense at this point.

Could it be an option if he didn’t get drafted or something like that? Sure. But not instead of the NBA.


I think he was asking about endorsement money due to Moe’s charisma. There definitely could be opportunity for him with other business opportunities overseas depending upon where he goes and how he does.


Do we have an idea about the timeframe for Moe’s decision? When are the NBA pre-draft camps?


I’m not sure what Mo could make abroad but it’s probably worth noting that foreign players abroad basically don’t have a single expense during the season - the teams generally pay rent for an apartment and provide a car as well as giving a per diem - most American players actually have their salaries sent to American bank accounts because they don’t need to access money during the season.

Also, since most league cap the number of Americans on a team, the supply/demand curve is artificially warped against American players, and they are thus generally underpaid - Mo obviously wouldn’t have this problem.


If I was Mo, I would go to the combine to get a sense of where I would be drafted. If it looks like 2nd round, then I would choose between developing my skills with a known quantity (Michigan and JB), or making some money overseas, while making sure to land with a good coach over there. I see nothing good about being drafted in the 2nd round. That’s the worst outcome, as far as I can see.


Yeah I think your career goes better if you go to Europe instead of signing with the team that drafts you in the second round - you play more, which helps you develop, and it doesn’t get you on the slow track of the NBA contract conveyor belt - being a second round pick not only hurts your first contract but probably your second, too (to whit - Draymond Green’s career earnings just passed those of Thomas Robinson (#2 in the same draft) this year.

Better to go play Italy or something and make a name. Mo has a relationship with a good European club as it is (Alba Berlin) - I bet he could get more than you’d think.


Btw, I remember there was some talk about how we weren’t sure if Mo could still enter the draft without an agent. I was reminded about it while listening to the Mgoblog podcast and looked it up. It appears that he can’t.

You can only do it once apparently. What a dumb rule.


(edit: looking at this closer, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is just an old version of the rule)

If MGoBlog was referencing that rule, I believe that they are out of date. That was an older rule that has been changed since.


Yeah, as I understand it, you can submit your name without hiring an agent and retract it twice. A third time and you are locked in, although this article indicates a player could still come back to college if they went undrafted due to an apparent loophole.

Kind of sad that the NCAA is parroting old information on their official website although it’s exactly what I would expect from a terrible organization.


This is the NBA early entry rule as it stands today. If any article references other dates, etc. it is probably out of date. (I.e. that last link references the spring signing period but withdrawal date is now based on 10 days after the combine. The date to declare has also been moved back).

Underclassmen have until April 22nd to declare for the NBA draft this season and until 11:59 p.m. on May 30th to remove their name from consideration. The NBA Combine will be held May 16-20 this year.


@MH20 Great link.


I wonder if Simpson got too big from weightlifting or if his body is stiii adjusting, or maybe his jump shot is there but latent, but this vid from before college shows a pull up jumper.


That tape looks like a completely different player. Crazy


He has flat out got to improve his off the dribble game next year. Completely non existent so far.

Not to mention catch and shoot and FTs. Big off season for him IMO. DeJulius is coming in to eat.


This is why i am such a fan of Zavier and think a lot of his shooting woe’s are mental. In high school and AAU (i get its a different level of comp) he had a very solid mid range game and looked like a very good pull up shooter off the dribble around the elbow.

Hes so quick still and good at getting to the rim that I think that pull up will be there for him. There were many times this year where he’d shake his guy and put on the brakes and be wide open from 10-15 feet and you could see him think about it and pass on it. I think next year with more confidence and more of a green light we will see him add that to his game and start to look to shoot there.

I’m confident the best is yet to come from z and hes going to be a serious problem for opponents on offense.