Offseason Discussion Thread


Good point. I’ll cross off post entry passing from the wish list. I would, however, still like to see progress on hitting the roll man.


I also think it might just seem like we weren’t as good at hitting the roller because Moe popped out so much. With Teske (at least in the tourney) we could hit him but it tended to bounce off his hands out of bounds…


Michigan created as much offense to the roll man (Moe) as just about any team in the country. If Moe leaves, it will be a lot harder to generate that offense w/o his threat as a pop guy.


We all saw Teske is more than capable of popping and hitting jumpers. Consistently no, but with a defined role and improvements from Simpson, Matthews, and Poole, I’d think Teske will be just fine with pick n pop. Did Wagner ever score on the pick and roll this year? I know he did, just seemed he was always takin jumpers. Teske has two of the better pick n roll dunks I saw all year from our team. I’ve seen with my own eyes Teske hit many 3s, next year will be huge for him to be able to hit that shot but him hitting 2-point jumpers will be just as well imo. I am very encouraged by Teske’s growth this yea and think he’s got another step yet to take.


But Mo is not a pick and roll man. He is a pick and pop man.

IMO pick and roll (toward the basket) is the most beautiful basketball play. The Walton/Irvin years were not beautiful in that regard at all—perhaps because we had a pick and pop man in Wagner—but I also think Walton and Irvin just were not very good at it…The Morris/Burke/ Stauskas/ Levert years were beautiful…My hope is that Poole and Z can get us back to seeing those sweet pocket passes again. I think they both showed flashes of it in a way that we have not seen for several years. Also, I think Teske is going to be awesome at finishing on the roll. He does not jump high but he jumps fast and wide, when he receives the ball with distance from the basket, (think Frank Kaminsky), in a way that is going to be close to unguardable.


This isn’t rhetorical - where is it written that Charles Matthews wanted to be one-and-done? I see it said as fact very often on boards and stuff, but I’ve never seem or heard him mention it. I have to say, that sitting a transfer year, and specifically seeking out a coach that could help with developing a jumper is an odd way to make the NBA “early”.


Pick and pop is an element of the pick and roll/ball screen game.

Moe’s pick and roll (roll man) scoring breaks down to 72 points via pop, 39 points via roll, 30 points via slip. His ability to pick and roll, pick and pop, slip and pop, slip and roll is what made Michigan’s ball screen game so dynamic this year. That ability was so necessary because Michigan was very short on guys who were a threat to score on their own out of the ball screen.

My point isn’t that just rolling is bad necessarily, but when you don’t have that additional threat it becomes easier to defend ball screens. Synergy has Teske has 0-of-6 on pick and pop jumpers, FWIW.

Essentially the more options you have out of your ball screen game, the more difficult it is to defend. The fact that Moe wouldn’t even set a screen sometimes and slip (ghost) a ball screen to pop into a jumper makes things really difficult (more challenging to switch) for example.


I think by the fact that Charles went to Kentucky originally many assumed he saw himself as a one and done guy. I think, after his experience at Kentucky, he decided it would be advantageous to be a bit more patient. He sought out a program and a coach who could help him develop his great talent and who could help him get to that level. Michigan was an excellent fit. I, and this is just my opinion, I think he will test the waters, get feedback, come back to Michigan, have an excellent year next season and be a first round, perhaps even lottery pick, next year. I KNOW he will work exceptionally hard to become the player many, including me, believe he has the talent to be. I dearly hope he is in a Michigan uniform next year, but regardless, I will always root for the young man. I just hope next year it is as a Michigan Wolverine. We DO have a poster on here who knows a lot more about this than I do! :wink:


Getting back to Mo and the draft, I see three options: (1) stay in school, (2) get drafted, probably in 2nd round or (3) go play in Germany (or somewhere else in Europe). On the subject of playing in Europe, can’t Mo make pretty good money over there? It seems to me that EU-born players get paid more because of rules that limit the number of Americans on the pro teams. Does anyone know how the pay scale works in Europe?


He would definitely have an advantage as a non-US player potentially. Stu Douglass and JMo were talking about it some on his most recent podcast(which you all should check out if you have the time).


I was curious about the sort of money Mo might expect to get in Europe as well. Can higher end and charismatic European ball players make a lot of endorsement money?


I am close to positive that Charles said, something like, I am paraphrasing here: “Coming out of high school it never entered my mind that I would not be a 1 and done.”

Sorry, I don’t have the source but I beleive I remember him saying something like that…


It doesn’t have much to do with charisma as much as the roster rules for international players.


Could Mo make a million bucks in Europe? That would certainly be better than 100K-200K doing the D-league/NBA shuffle.


I’d be surprised if he went that option when he leaves Michigan. The dream is to play in the NBA, I think that’s what he’ll want to do to start.


Wagner will be a first round pick


I hope Moe gets a great situation. Would love to see the Spurs end up with him I think he would be phenomenal in that system


There is simply no chance.


Here’s my curiosity. Is Moe going to declare without an agent to leave the door open or is he going to flat out declare hiring an agent?

Just my opinion, but seems like we may know semi-early as he’s already gone through the process without an agent. My guess is he’d declare with an agent if he goes.


I don’t believe Moe has the option of declaring for the draft and still returning back to college like he did a year ago. I think that option is only available once. So if he declares, then he’s gone for good.