Offseason Discussion Thread


I see Moe benefit form coming back as he needs to further develop that fadeaway jumper. He is still young for a big, only turning 21 later this month. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves as certain NBA team promises to take him in the late 1st round as a project.


Exactly, but why’d he come back then? He had more to lose than Moe. I’m just answering why Moe might decide to come back.


Charles clearly has more room for development than Moe, and his trajectory is very promising. Another year could put him into elite status.


What did Jalen Brunson have to gain? He was projected late first round/early second last year and that hasn’t changed this yer. All he has now is a National Player of the Year and another National Championship and he STILL may come back. Some kids just really like college and believe they will develop better with another year in their current system instead of risking being a second round pick and spending a year in the G-League. I think Moe can become a dominant and much more consistent player as a senior and raise his stock to first round potential in a 2019 draft that is looking very weak.


If Moe comes back, it will simply be because he loves college. I believe he’s said it himself more than once. Matthews on the other hand, has some more work to do before he’s ready for the league. Really looking forward to seeing the team next year. Growth of current players + one of the better classes we’ve had in a while.


It is a gamble either way. I have to believe the main thing for these guys, who are not sure fire first rounders, is to strategize to try to insure they have the best chance to get picked in the first round. Mo improved over last year. Mo showedsteady improvement over the course of the season…


I agree and I think there is an argument to be made that there is a much greater chance for Wagner to play his way into the 2019 first round in a weak draft instead of being an almost surely second round pick this year.


Yep. The charts that show the difference between what first rounders get paid and second rounders get paid is pretty damned scary if you are projected as a bubble first rounder.

No matter what Mo decides he will probably be ok as long as he avoids injury—which is a scary thought too…


Not a bad article on next year’s team.

On Mo Wagner: “He is probably a second-round pick, and I think he is more likely to go undrafted than in the first round.”


Another interesting point in the article states Brooks was the best player in the final four practice. Obviously it’s practice but it’s nice hearing these things because we could use his shot and playmaking ability. Also after that national championship game it gives me a lot of confidence that Jay Wright really wanted Brooks last year.


Mo has a beautiful family, a million friends, an appealing personality and–clearly–a good head on his shoulders. It might. . . just. . . be. . . that Mo feels very good about himself and his future anyway, whatever falls out.


Beilein did say that Eli had been great in practice… but I think the great in practice thing has to be taken with a grain of salt at this point.

I’m not saying give up on Eli, just that I’m not sure how much there is to a guy having a great day of practice.


Mark Donnal had some great practices


I thought we all learned after hearing how great Max and Donnal were in practice that those reports might not be an indicator of future success…


don’t remember Beilein comment on Donnal but definitely on Bielfeldt.

if this season is an indication, the back court rotation next year will be wide open until December.


I think it was apparent that Eli lost any modicum of confidence he had by the midpoint of the season. His supposed strong suit, shooting, never materialized and by season’s end, he wasn’t even looking to score. Apparently there was a multi-week stretch in practice, where he couldn’t even hit a 3 in game type situations.


I certainly believe that Max and Donnal were looking like Tim Duncan against the defense of their counterpart and Ricky Doyle :slight_smile:


Probably tough playing against one of the best defensive PG’s in the country. Z will make him better!


They only took Colin Gillespie after Brooks passed btw.


Z makes a lot of guys look silly. If he could shoot halfway decent he’d be unstoppable.