Offseason Discussion Thread

Or last year, Wagner, Donnal, Wilson, Teske, Davis. How soon people forget (or weren’t paying attention in the first place).

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Yeah, Poole taking that kind of leap or something close would do wonders for the team and really fill a need. He showed a lot of potential this year, and one thing to remember is how young he is - he won’t turn 19 until June. He’s 5 months younger than Iggy, for instance, almost a year younger than Livers, almost 5 years younger than MAAR.


Gut instinct, given his age, you think he’s here another three years? Or developes and leaves in 2 years? (Or after next if he goes Stauskas)

I think he’s gone after next season. I’m predicting all Big Ten if not all American. Especially if he’s starting next to Z, Matthews, Livers and Teske. Someone’s gonna have to shoot it. If he’s efficient enough to handle it, his usage rate is going to explode.


The thing that is crazy about Poole is he is so deceptive and tricky. Once he learns he can actually play slower and be way more effective he is going to be a one man buzz saw. I am guessing we are going to have a flashier but less efficient version of Stauskas his sophmore year. Lotto pick his Junior year is my guess.

JB struck gold with Poole…again.


I would settle for a sophomore year like LeVert had too for Poole. Stauskas was a monster as a sophomore. If Poole can do that, god bless him but that may be unrealistic.

Poole may be the key to next year’s team though. His shooting will be huge since he likely will be playing between Simpson and Matthews who are below average shooters.

I will be interested in seeing Iggy’s role. I think the 4 spot will be up for grabs as I don’t think Livers has a lock on it by any means. Iggy could start or he could be that 6th man scorer that Beilein likes.


He’s such a wild card. I’d be surprised if he turned into that player next year, but not THAT surprised.

I don’t think some of the media/analysts understand what his potential can be when looking at future rankings. If he turns into even an All Big Ten player, this team is capable of winning it all. The luck is the factor, as always. If he turns into an All American, look out college basketball world.


I will be surprised if Iggy/Johns aren’t starting over Livers by the end of the season.


Anybody know if Michigan can purchase insurance for Mo like MSU did for Bridges?


My guess is that Poole will leave the earliest year that it would be a reasonable choice. When will that be? He has great potential, confidence, and that “it” factor. He can really shoot it, which is so valuable in basketball today, with good length, handles, and passing ability. This offense will give him a chance to shine.

But it’s hard to be overly confident that a guy who played limited minutes and only ended up shooting 36% from 3 on the year will be a likely first round pick as a sophomore. He’s not 6’7" and can’t jump out of the building.

I would say staying four years is probably the least likely outcome. I’d like to see some of what I’m sure will be Dylan’s awesome upcoming offseason breakdowns before guessing whether Poole is likelier to leave after sophomore or junior year.


Agreed on four years as the least likely outcome. I’ll also be curious/enjoy reading Dylan’s thoughts on Poole and the team in the months to come.

I asked him in an older AMA what Poole’s numbers project him for next year - Stauskas or Levert leap. Answer I recall was Poole is Poole. He’s unique. So true watching the rest of the year. He could be special and will be fun to watch grow.

Bold off-season prediction: Teske hits 10 or more threes next year :slight_smile:

I’m serious. Think his range extension has been a multi-year process at the Beilein school of ball and the stroke looks good from midrange. Also… watch the man in the warm-ups… he hits them no problem unguarded. Our pick and pop game, while not at Mo levels, should still be in play next year.


The big stage always improves the players brand and placement. I believe GM’s really hone in on a player in the final 4. Moe will probably go…Great kid…left it all on the floor.

Possible fits:

Either NY team…brand awareness from the B1G tournament.
Boston…2nd round…great price.
GSW…ball movement, spread the floor!

WTS…i hope he stays!

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Beielin made a comment about Teske partway through the season about him “not being able to hit the 3 yet”. The “yet” really jumped out at me and I thought, wow, he’s going to be shooting, and hitting, 3s next year.

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His size and athleticism remind me a lot of Gary Harris. Undersized for the NBA and not going to jump over anyone, but quick enough not to have to jump over anyone.

I think livers surprises you and hangs onto over 20 min a game.


I’m with you there. If we know anything at this point, it’s that learning the JB system is a process. Edge always goes to upperclassmen, particularly if there isn’t a large athleticism gap.

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If NBA GMs draft players higher if they made the Final Four then they are not very smart. They have 60 games of how Mo has played in the last two years, and will have two combines worth. They will use that over the 2 game sample size of the final four and championship. I would be very pleasantly shocked if he was a first round pick.

I imagine that the Final Four is a time where some scouts get to see a player in person for the first time. So I think that’s part of the reason why some players get a postseason bump.

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