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Big bummer. Maybe the small ball 5 gets more of a look on the trip now though


Confused about if he’s from Michigan or Kansas, but Richard Pitino is still recruiting at a decent clip


From Detroit, goes to a big academy school in Kansas. Rocket Watts and Isaiah Jackson also transferred out to a prep school in Ohio.


Looks like Iggy found the gym.


The mirror doesn’t lie.


Austin Davis looks like a beast.


They all do. Impressive.


Heads-up: the click-to-play gifs didnt work unless I turned off my pop-up blocker


Random notes from a coaches clinic about two weeks ago:

Beilein mentioned that they might bring back the 1-3-1 this year.

Also mentioned that they wanted to play through the center more in the pinch post (which just reads to me as running more of a normal JB offense than the Mo 5 out sets).


Beilein has run both versions of the over the years. Pitsnoggle was 5 out and he played Smote and later Wilson at the 5 to further spread the court, so I’m not sure one is more “normal” for Beilein than the other.
The 1-3-1 comment is interesting. After last year, I thought it might be dead. I’m not sure having X running the baseline as opposed to locking his man is optimal, so I wonder if he’s thinking of ways to cover for some of the weaker defenders.


The 1-3-1 is more of a change of pace. He obviously has used it as a base defense before (or on makes and deadballs). One thing about any of type of zone, it makes the other team prepare for it for a longer time than they usually would vs. man (think like defending the triple option vs. Army or Navy). Makes the opposing coaching staff and players put in extra work.

As far as having X play in the back of the 1-3-1. Beilein has had JD Collins in the back and has been successful. You want your toughest guy there and X is obviously that. There are certainly holes to it but no one else really runs anything like it (especially since Carmody is gone at Northwestern).


I wonder if Beilein was joking about the 1-3-1. In the past few years anytime someone brings it up he either seems amused or very obviously hopes the opposition spends time working on it.

Generally, with the amount of shooters offenses have these days, and the amount of practice time it’d take to run it well, it’s value seems diminished. However, if few enough teams run it, perhaps it would be good to have in your pocket.


Will you be writing for The Athletic again this season? @umhoops



Right now, I think the plan is that most of that content will just be on UM Hoops this year. Working on finalizing a lot of our plans for the upcoming season and should have a state of the blog type update shortly.

If you haven’t already, get on board!


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