Offseason Discussion Thread


Commence overanalysis!

Anybody else notice Iggy working out with the 1s and 2s? I know he wanted to play 2 guard coming in. Any chance that happens?


This will be one of the most positionally flexible rosters I can remember. On one hand, Iggy might be one of the best creators on the roster. He needs to handle the ball on the perimeter this year. He should be doing drills with guards and wings offensively. You just might have to work to hide him defensively.

If you want to look closely, notice Brandon Johns doing the post drills with Teske, Castleton, Davis.


It’s early. Beilein is going to work a lot of guys, especially the freshmen, at different positions to find out what he’s got. Can’t wait to see the results.


I enjoyed witnessing proof that the team does post drills at all. It’s something that I can give the knuckle dragging idiots who still say that the team only drills three point shooting.


saw Johns in the group with CC, Teske, and Davis, if it indicates anything



Brazdeikis wearing 13, Moe’s #


Voggy’s Number


Anyone know what Rob Gray is doing? I thought he had a chance to be a second rounder after we played Houston, but I’d be shocked if he’s not at least on a summer league roster.


He will be playing for the Rockets in the summer league.


Robert Williams continues actions that caused him to drop in draft.

Boston Celtics first-round draft pick Robert Williams, who had already overslept an introductory conference call the day after the draft, missed a flight to Boston and was not present for the start of the team’s summer league practices on Sunday.


Sleeper pick of the draft indeed.


You steal that comment from reddit?



I am utterly mystified how a team that churns out NBA prospects the way Maryland has been doing is so consistently mediocre.


Mark Turgeon shares your befuddlement.


So does the Maryland fan base. The people I’ve talked to around DC think they are under-achievers.


I mean, who saw Kevin Huerter and Bruno Fernando play and shouted “First round draft picks!”

But one down, and the next to fall next year.


MgoBlog cant touch UMhoops’ basketball coverage, but this new writer–Matt Way–who is filling in for Ace, has put out some nice content, lately:’s-offense