Officiating points of emphasis this year

Few notables:

Because they want us to get flopping out of the game, we are supposed to pay particular attention to three areas — the head-snap by the dribbler, jump-shooters falling down with no contact and defenders falling to the ground without any contact. Each team gets one warning for flopping. The second violation for flopping is a Class B technical foul, which carries a penalty of one shot and the ball is awarded back to the team that had it at the time of the infraction. A Class B technical foul does not count as a personal or a team foul. But if you were to get three Class B technical fouls in a game, you’re ejected.

Officials will now be permitted in the last two minutes of the game and the last two minutes of overtime to go to the monitor if they’ve called basket interference or goaltending on the floor.

Coaches can call timeouts now in the last two minutes of the game and the last two minutes of overtime.

Players are prohibited this year, and they have been for recent years, but there’s an emphasis on it this year of using any derogatory terms toward either teammates or opponents. One of the words that they’ve asked us to focus on is the N-word. A player cannot use that word to a teammate or an opponent.


In other news, Brad Davison has lost his scholarship to play for Wisconsin.


Anthony Cowan would like a word about the head-snapping rule (Melo Trimble is particularly upset, too).


Very curious how frequently the flopping violation gets called

I’m not sure that I love the idea of giving someone a technical because they tried to draw a foul on offense. Just stop rewarding them with fouls


Agreed. However, I think the idea is that players will continue to try to trick the refs into calling bogus fouls if the upside is to draw a foul and the only potential downside is “no foul call.” The refs don’t make these calls in game knowing that the player is faking it. They genuinely believe there is a foul based on the player’s reaction. If there is actually some sort of reprocussion for deceiving the refs then players hypothetically should do it less.

Um interesting. If they actually strictly enforce that, that could result in some incredibly benign technical fouls.

The article notes that it isn’t a new rule. Last year it came with an automatic ejection.

Winston ain’t no slouch either.

Ahh yes the pupil and his mentor.