Offer day

Are we to read anything into only one offer going out yesterday? Is the staff waiting for 2014 committments to see what further holes to fill? Waiting to get more sought after recruits on campus?

Jalen Coleman is at adidas Nations in Vegas, so that’s one reason for delay there.

Only two of the kids(Kennard and Coleman) we want to offer have visited campus. They are still waiting for guys like Zimmerman, Brunson, Barefield, Thomas, and Bacon to make it to Ann Arbor so they can offer.

Diamond Stone has also visited but he still has to send in his transcript or something before they’ll offer.

I don’t think there is much need to wait since recruiting for 2014 is pretty cut and dry at this point. They want a 4 and a wing. The two kids who might have been offered but weren’t were Hyron Edwards and Eric Davis both PG’s that aren’t affected at all by the previous class.

Joe got in touch with Jalen’s father. Update on the front page

Regarding Sven’s comment on Diamond Stone and the transcript, this is an overlooked part of Coach Beilein’s criteria for an offer. In addition to a player having the personal and basketball attributes our coaches desire and having visited campus, our coaches want to see two years of high school grades as well. They want good players who are also good kids with interest in Michigan and the desire to work hard at basketball and at school.