Offensive outburst versus Iowa fueled by Michigan's depth


man I hope this is a sign of things to come from Johns. he didn’t look like was sped up like in the past, looked very comfortable on both sides of the ball.

Juwan unleashed the beast. I had flash backs to the Alaska shootout and Maui Invitational circa 1988.

All I can say is thank you Coach Beilein for your tenure at Michigan, but also for leaving and making a path for Coach Howard. What a fun program to watch when the execution is implemented.

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This is just the beginning for this young team. Once the sophomore class starts getting confidence and the game slows down this team gets scarier as the year progresses.

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What does that last sentence mean?


Obviously Beilein never told his players to execute.


I think it is just difference in philosophy.

Lol it was 3:00 AM, I meant if the players execute Howard’s offense it is exciting to watch. Not what I posted at all.


Tweeted form the future. Impressive!

Honestly, that tweet is a reminder of how much BS internet criticism players have to endure. I’m sure that Johns has endured about as much as anyone. It was great to see him excel last night.


I absolutely agree Chatha, and doesn’t it kind of prove that these kids read some of the crap that is thrown at them on social media?

I love the quote! It helps me to know Brandon is going to be OK. He certainly played well last night. His work on the defensive end and on the boards is starting to lead to buckets on the other end, too.

The young man is very talented, and as he continues to work his rear off, it’s going to pay big dividends for him and for our team! Enjoyed watching him play last night!

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