Off Topic: Michigan in the College World Series

Anyone going to the final series? I had business in Iowa over the weekend and was able to jump over to Omaha and catch the beat down of Texas Tech. It was a great experience. The stadium is in downtown Omaha and is really a fantastic venue. The parking sucked but other than that I’d give it my full recommendation. I had no idea that Michigan was 200-1 going into the NCAA Tournament. Where he hell was I on that one?!


200/1 at the start of the season , 50-1 at the start of the tournament

Ah ok…so I only feel 1/4 as dumb.

And Vanderbilt’s odds at the start of the tournament were 4-1, best of the 64 teams. Yikes. Of course, Michigan already beat UCLA to get to the CWS, and the Bruins had 5-1 odds of winning the whole thing. Still, beating Vandy will be a stiff challenge.

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