Observations After 3 Games

Which is why it’s realistic to expect regression to the mean. That mean, IMO, is not 34-36%. What leads you to believe his 3pt % has a good chance of being in the mid 30s? His sample size is starting to get pretty high to be considering his ~40% 3pt shooting an anomaly.

Another bet? 38-39 a push. 37 or below, you win. Above 40 or above, I win.

I said mid to high 30s meaning anywhere from 34-39%.

Right. Which is why you won’t lose if it’s 38 or 39%. You think 34-39% is his range. I think 38-43% is much more likely. 38/39 overlap and push. I get 40 and up, you get 37 and below.

Sounds like a deal to me. This time I’d like to make the bet a bit more personal. The loser has the obligation of expressly supporting every viewpoint/opinion/contention of the winner as it relates to basketball content for 1 week. Deal?

Oh boy… That’s worse than a ban bet! lol.

But sure, deal. Creativity is fun.