Oakland U possible upset of MSU

I think Oakland U is going to beat MSU tonight.
Game on ESPNU.
Oakland has a nice team.
Oakland up 27-17 with 9:20 left in half

Oakland has 4 kids from Detroit PSL.
Felder the little pg is everything we hope Xavier Simpson could be. This kid is phenomenal. He’s from Pershing.
Also from Pershing:
Sherron Dorsey-Walker transfer from Iowa State
Martez Walker. Transfer from Texas. Just became eligible Saturday.

Also an Iowa State transfer from Detroit Southeastern: Percy Gibson.

Oakland up at half 50-37

MSU is very good.
They really took it to Oakland in the 2nd half.

OT Baby!!
Fielder has 33 and 9 assists in regulation.
Forbes 29 Harris 23 for Spartans

Shame for the game to end on that awful call

Great game.
Spartans played like they were the underdog

Didn’t see the ending but when Oakland got a BS flagrant at the start of the second half it seemed that the fix was in (or at least, “adjustments had been made”).

Good game by the Golden Grizzlies. Kampe seems like a solid dude, and Felder is the real deal. I was briefly reminded of the Benson era.

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There were plenty of makeup calls both ways.

Not even just based on this game, it amazes me how MSU is ranked number 1. I’ve watched almost all of their games, and top 25 teams. Yes they are good, but they are not even close to the number one team in the country in my opinion.
For example, I think Xavier could beat them. I think UK would beat them. And many more.

Then who would be? They have beaten Kansas/Providence/Louisville.

I don’t have a problem with MSU at #1. I think Oklahoma has a case based on resume, though. 8-0 with 7 double digit wins including a 23 point neutral court win over a good Villanova.

It’s a good point. Now sitting at No 2 is Kansas. So it makes sense. But in my opinion it’s a very weak ranking at this point, and don’t remember the last time this happened. Kansas didn’t look great at all either.
But then, apart from Xiaver and Oklahoma, I don’t see who would deserve such a ranking. So fair enough, nobody looks totally dominant this year as opposed to past years.

I don’t have any issue with MSU being #1 either. I have watched way more OOC hoops than I normally do, and Xavier is the best team I have watched extensively. Perhaps my man crush on Edmond Sumner is clouding my judgement though. North Carolina is a fun watch. Utah is pretty good too. Love me some Jakob Poeltl.

But yeah, no issue with MSU being 1, but to me, Xavier has been more impressive.

Call me crazy, but watching MSUM all season as the “Number 1 Team” leads me to believe that this year’s race for the national title is more open than ever. I’m excited to see what all these teams look like in mid February.

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