Now at full health, Michigan has the luxury of a full rotation


Speaking of full roster for rotation (had to find a way to relate this to the current article), any feedback from the recruits who attended vs. MSU?

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So I was just thinking about this very idea. With livers back and hopefully staying back and the fact that Johns appears to be breaking out this team could really be dangerous come tourney.

One other thing I was pondering is Zaviers three ball the last two games. In all likelihood he won’t keep this up but what if he starts to knock down open threes consistently? I mean teams often leave him WIDE open. If he can continue to hit those and make teams respect him out there this could really make the offense scary good.

I’d also add ddj looked good. If he can get back to his early season confidence/ offensive play that would be great. He has potential to be an explosive option off the bench.

This offense could be really really good.

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Ethan caught up with Greg Brown’s father to recap his official visit.

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