Not Quitting on This Team

Let’s be honest. This season has been miserable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve convinced myself that the next game is going to be the one that finally “clicks.” And yet, we have astounding evidence that these mismatched pieces aren’t working. Every time we win a game and seem to be back on track the team lays an egg in its subsequent match. The team is disorganized, poorly coached, without well-defined roles, and sadly, lacking heart. But what else are you gonna do when you were a U-M freshman in 1988 and a senior during the Fab Five debut in 1991? You stick with your boys, through thick and thin. And Dylan’s right when he says that things can change during the course of a season, especially with a young team. So, let’s make it 15-0 against Rutgers.


This didn’t age well but I’m onboard with you. I love Juwan as the leader of the team, and some say he’s not a good coach (personally I’m not one to judge that) but he has help from a guy in Martelli who is and was an excellent coach. It’s a young team and does t have the dog in them or at least hasn’t shown the dog yet. You never know what can happen.

The good news is that I no longer get emotional watching them play badly game after game. I just shrug and mutter under my breath. I guess I have reached the acceptance stage that they just aren’t good. I will watch and cheer, but not with any expectations.

It has been a LONG time since we have had a team with so much r aw talent that is just so bad. They play like an Amaker team. I rooted for those guys and kept hoping they would figure out how to make the pieces fit…but they never did. I will do the same this year I guess.


Who says Juwan isn’t a good coach? He’s having a tough year this year but the guy has been great til this season.

His offense at times looked unstoppable the previous seasons.

I do think he’s misusing his pieces this far this season but anyone who watched the previous years and came away with he’s a bad coach is a joke,


Personally this year is basically offset vs last year when he had a senior led team, with the NBA rookie of the year and a lot of Beilein seniors. The team before that was all JB guys (yes I’m counting Franz as 50-50 JB guy).

How much this team improves things they can improve (not taking shots from 19 feet at end of half with 8 seconds left, not playing 3 PF at once, less defensive lapses) will be what I’m watching.

Is he a bad coach, no of course not. Is he a great coach? Jury out on that IMO

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