Northwestern at Michigan Discussion Thread


That LaLu team was so stacked.

But I agree, Poole is the one guy on our team right now that I think has AA potential. Maybe Charles as well.


Agree with all of this. When I watched a couple of La Lumiere games on ESPN last year, the thing that surprised me was that he looked more athletic than he appeared to be from just looking at the hype videos. It will be very interesting to see what he looks like after a summer of camp Sanderson


I can’t imagine their game plan being, we think this will work but we’re going to lose anyway.


Not the argument I’m making at all. I’m saying they threw a defense at Michigan that they weren’t prepared for.

They should’ve done this at home than on the road. Their defense is already struggling, so now what do you turn to in the rematch?

Waving the white flag staying in a zone from tip. They didn’t change it up whatsoever.


This is the defense that they’ve been playing. It wasn’t a Michigan thing.


I’ll absolutely defer to you and others who have watched them play more this year.

I’m just surprised I didn’t read about them being a zone team in the preview here or Ace’s at mgoblog. Not a nitpick whatsoever, just saying it wasn’t brought up which is why it surprised me that they played zone from start to finish.

If that’s their normal defense, that’s pretty bad. No wonder they’re struggling so bad this year.


Yeah, that’s on me. Not my best preview. They’ve been playing it for the last few games.


Oh man seriously wasn’t even trying to be negative! Love the previews.

I just hadn’t watched Northwestern much so I’m making a dead and wrong argument here.


I think the announcers went over the strategy from Collins. It seems he likes the zone because it causes his team to talk more than they were. So if it’s his go forward defense it makes sense to stay in it and get it right.