Non-Revenue Sports 23-24

Dropped Michigan from title bc this is noteworthy …. Wednesday at 7 pm on BTN.

Vada Murray’s daughter Harper, whose older sister Kendall is on UM’s VB team, is a freshman on Nebraska’s team. She was the top rated recruit in the country last year. Was also named B1G Freshman of the Week yesterday after the first weekend of the season.

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Yeah um’s not serious about volleyball, they are viewed as a sleeping giant. Um made an underwhelming hire this past off season. B1g is a monster of a vball conference, um puts in no where close to the amount of resources as the top b1g programs do. It’s a cash flow positive sport at several b1g schools.


Disagree on the quality of their coaching hire. She’s was probably the number one coach out there, and was the first name that came up on the volleyball sites when the Rosen’s’ departure was announced, except no one thought she was available because of her commitment to the US Women’s National team, and because our facilities—Cliff Keen Arena—are woefully out of date.

While I’d prefer she only focus on rebuilding UM between now and the next Olympics, I think the trade off was well worth it to get her. If Warde hadn’t agreed to it, we’d never have gotten her.


Yeah thats not the case at all from who ive talked too. She was quite a bit down the list. A lot of people thought um was capable of attracting a sitting top 25 hc(given the immense potential um is viewed of having) but um did not want to invest the resources necessary to do that.

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when goblue8 talks Warde Manuel


who exactly views M as a sleeping giant in volleyball btw? Already kind of way behind the 8 ball in fan support and other things relative to the rest of the conference. But I agree it’d be nice to make a move there, WVB is currently crushing WBB in participation and popularity in the HS level. And the games are a lot of fun to watch, I actually end up seeing a lot cause my wife puts it on tv almost every night

the hire seemed decent to me as someone that doesn’t know anything


I got that from a top tier club coach in colorado that i went to high school with and am friends with. Most want to play in the b1g, academics are top notch(huge deal in non rev sports), and its a huge national brand. What um lacks is fan support(you have to earn that), coaching and facilities. All are very fixable. UM has very strong natural advantages in volleyball though. UM refuses to match the resources other progams invest in it though(common under wardes leadership). Like you said, it could be a break even sport at um though because it is wildly popular.


Is MSU the historically superior program? For reason I have that impression, but I know less than Turnip.

Agree that the academic prestige and brand cachet of UM could potentially reverse any historical inferiority.

For real? That’s shocking to me.

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Yeah, girls basketball has been on a bit of a decline. It’s behind soccer and vball in participation

my anecdotal evidence backs that up


The games I shot at Cliff Keen (poor lighting, BTW) a few years ago were close to capacity, if not sellouts. And the ones at Crisler were pretty well-attended. But maybe that’s still not on par with other programs.

We’re not selling out Michigan Stadium for volleyball!! Failure!!!


As a middle school Athletic Director for over seven years, I can confirm that girls volleyball is booming while girls basketball is dwindling. And Boys volleyball will be a varsity sport in the MHSAA very soon.


further anecdotal data: i met my fiancée on a rec league vball team. i also played rec league basketball, did not meet any fiancées there.


Michigan Field Hockey got a 1-0 win in OT over #18 Old Dominion.


Michigan Volleyball goose-egged North Carolina tonight.


Fire everyone

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Field Hockey gets a 2-0 win over St. Joe’s today.
UofM Field Hockey vs. St. Joe's 9.10.23 | Flickr

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