No USA/Canada basketball for GR3, Mitch McGary, Stauskas

Both Canadian U19 and World Univ Games training camp rosters are out and Stauskas isn’t on either one.

Definitely in Stauskas’s case, I think the decision might have been somewhat mutual. I assume he’s good enough to make those rosters.

Think it could be a blessing in disguise for some of these guys to not have to travel, get to work in Ann Arbor with new teammates. Michigan played a lot of games last year and I’m not sure a trip to Russia/Czech Republic is what any of them really need.

Mesh with Zak, Derrick and Mark and improving their games in Ann Arbor over the summer semester doesn’t seem like the worst thing.

Yeah. I think ultimately it’s a good thing. You never know what sort of work they’re going to be putting in at these sorts of things, or what kind of coaching they will be getting. If they’re on campus, practicing with the team, building chemistry, surrounded by guys that know their game, that’s never a bad thing.

Stay in A2 and build Team 98 (I think that’s right).

Boy did that decision pay off for Both Stauski and LeVert!! And After typing that… Ha Ha Lets hope we have a nice Long Tourney run And The Maize Rage are able to Incorporate a Tandem/Duo to promote, T-shirts and all, Called Stauski and Clutch!! Whoever the Second player may be!! Go Blue!!

Starsky and Hutch (Google) for those too young to Understand!!!