No Mitch McGary on Friday

No need for the big fella at this point, I’d rather he be fully healthy when it truly matters. Get well Mitch

To be expected. No issue him sitting out the early games as long as he can focus on getting back into game form.

Positive quote here from Beilein:
“Mitch’s back is improving, and it’s been improving every single day, and he feels really good right now. We have a timeline for his return that we’re not sharing, but we’re still on that timeline.”

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Nothing wrong with being cautious, I’d rather have Mitch back for the long term at full health as opposed to bringing him back for what amounts to meaningless games.

I was relieved as soon as I heard the one tidbit from Coach Meyer about when Mitch’s back became an issue. Gave me confidence that it was just something to wait out. Lets get him healthy and not waste him on less impactful games in the meantime.

Side note, SI ranked Michigan 6th in that link, not too bad.

And then there’s this:

I wonder why they’re being so secretive. Usually a player gets injured and it’s oh, he twisted his ankle during a practice scrimmage, or something like that. For this, they’re not saying anything about what exactly the condition is, when it happened, how it happened or how serious they really think it is. At this point I’m not holding out any hope to see him during our non-conference schedule. Conference play is only a couple months away and based on what they’ve given us, I’m not confident about that either.

That being said, we survived most of last season without March Madness McGary, so I definitely think we’ll still be competitive. But man, what a team we would have if he was at full strength.

Mitch’s medical status is obviously connected to big some dollar signs. Backs are a tricky thing and I don’t think they are ever going to say exactly what it is. Obviously he’ll get looked at by medical teams during draft stuff but no point in publishing it now.