No Doubt About it: Go Kentucky Tonight!*


An MSU win could look very good for the Big Ten down the line…

Yeah, I actually would prefer clear evidence the B1G is a strong conference and I also hate Calipari. I’m hard pressed to root against a B1G team in the non-conference schedule. At least until I see Bo Ryan’s face.

I could care less about the winner of this game, but as it relates to Michigan, I certainly think the new hand checking rules are going to benefit Michigan in a major way come conference play. I thought all the talk of blowing the whistle for hand contact was pure smoke and mirrors, but it does seem to be a point of emphasis this year.

It’s been a huge point of emphasis, but we’ll see if it holds up in conference play. Something tells me it will not. Still, even if marginally better, that’s still to Michigan’s advantage.

As for last night’s game…I found myself cheering for Michigan State. Kentucky is the bigger evil right now. At least now Kentucky going undefeated is off the table.