No Bronson Koenig for Wisconsin tonight


Here’s the game preview:

Wow…huge opportunity now


Gotta win this one now

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I like the idea of Walton being able to help off of his man more.

I don’t know… Trice is a 46% three point shooter.

Trice is 6-of-22 in Big Ten games, but he was really hot early in the year. Sub-40% inside the arc. I don’t think you help off of him, but he’s certainly not Bronson Koenig.

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I’ve watched Wisconsin like 3 times this year, what type of PG is he?

From what I’ve seen he’s a catch-and-shoot guy and guy who is going to shoot off the dribble in the pick-and-roll game.

The ‘point guard’ spot for Wisconsin isn’t so much a setup role as much as a shot making role. In a lot of ways I guess he’s similar to his brother. Not really a guy that is going to get to the rim.

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Does the committee know/consider this circumstance if we win? (re: Koenig out)

Could they? Sure, it seems like they do whatever they want. I don’t think it would be a big factor though. Still a top-50 win that U-M needs.

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I think the bigger question isn’t how well will Trice play, but what does that do to their depth tonight? Even if he plays well, how are the minutes going to be distributed without Koenig?

I think Hayes is going to try and take it upon himself a bit more tonight now. Hopefully we can stay out of foul trouble early.


I’d expect Jordan Hill to get back into the rotation. He played well vs UM at Kohl I believe.

Not that Bronson is a great defender, but I’m really excited for Beast Mode Walton if Trice guards him primarily. Senior star with the way he’s playing I bet he’s licking his chops

Probably go Showalter on Walton I’d expect.


I can’t recall his non-stats effect last game, but looks like Hill had 5 pts and 1 rebound in 13 minutes.

Michigan really needs to clamp down on Vitto Brown now. He has abused Michigan the past couple meetings.

Irvin had a good game against Wisconsin last time, right? Maybe he can snap out of his funk tonight.

Expect Trice to shoot 3/4 from 3, and like 5/8 overall then?


I hope zaks role stays the same. 6-8 shots. Bring energy d and rebounding/ leadership. Let the superior weapons take the looks. Zak still gets overly excited like a freshman and throws up a crazy shot once in a while.

Honestly if we lose this one now , shave on us. Maybe we don’t deserve to get in. Honestly I still think we outplayed them last time and that should have been a very impressive away top 15 win. Let’s hope the refs Rob them for 15 minutes straight to give us the edge this time.

What are the odds they play that bad again? Better without Bronson, but honestly that was the worst I had seen the Badgers play in a few years for 30 minutes of that game. We may not get a gift like that again.

If we can even get up to the 6 seed, I feel really good shout s big ten run. I really like our matchup versus Maryland this time around. We were playing pretty bad at that point and it was still very tight. I just shake my head at our losses still.

Wisconsin, v tech, Iowa, Illinois , Ohio st. How do we blow these games or in case of Illinois just get worked? Seemed like Ohio st and Illinois we just didn’t care. Iowa hit a ton of tough shots. V tech we just gave away and again losing to the stripes on the road. If ifs were a spliff, something , something, I’m stoned? We’d be liking pretty dope 21-4 right now. Very realistic record to. Oh well

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