NIKE/Jordan Brand

does the switching of going from an Adidas school to a NIKE/Jordan school help us or hurt us with recruiting…i feel like it would help us because NIKE doesnt pump out awful uniforms like Adidas just did with ours and well get our Maize coloration back since NIKE owns the Maize color

Helps tremendously. Players get a lot of free apparel from whatever brand the school is affiliated with. Kids knowing they will get 1-5 years worth of free Jordan apparel is a pretty sweet selling point.


It helps but it probably doesn’t help as much as people are hoping it does.

It will probably help more than you are thinking it will.

I could see where “cosmetically” the Nike/Jordan brand can’t hurt. The coming generations are all about Nike and UA, but in my opinion the only place it really matters for basketball is in recruiting. Nike SHOULD give us some options we never had in the past. There are so many players that are affiliated with strictly Nike AAU teams that will only attend a Nike school that we never had a chance at getting. Those familiar with the recruiting world understand the significance Nike COULD have for our coming recruiting classes. But, honestly, time will tell if it matters at all.

I would rather Michigan never make the tournament again rather than cater to any kid who would choose one school over another based upon the uni’s. Give me a break. Out of principle, Michigan should switch to “Starter” brand.

I hope our coaching staff doesn’t think this way.

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How much has it helped Georgetown?

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its helped them alot…look at their recruiting the last couple years…lol they got a 5 star…sooo

Georgetown stinks where it actually matters, bruh.