Nike/Adidas/Under Armour...2 questions

Ok guys, I love this topic. Love fashion, sneakers, imaging, branding ect. When a school like UM chooses an affiliate, it should represent greatness. I think ND and UA look great together. It’s my opinion that Adidas has cheapened the brand of Michigan and the block M.

Two questions: 1. Who do you want to represent Michigan again? Adidas, Nike or Under Armour?
I have seen this possibility now in a couple places. If Nike, do you want the Jumpman/Jordan brand on the hoops side of things? I think it would be pretty cool if thats what Nike is offering.

There are only a few schools that are actually sponsored by Jordan Brand. Those schools are UNC, Georgetown, Marquette, and Cal-Berkeley. All the other schools that wear Jordan jerseys are “Nike” schools that pay for the jerseys just like a lower level college and/or high school program would.

Correct, so would you want our basketball program to be sponsored by the Jumpman brand? Michigan wouldn’t have to pay, they would obviously be sponsored.

  1. Nike. The best athletes prefer them, and it is the premier US athletic brand. We are a premier institution (and I believe the original Nike school in the 90s?) so it should be Nike, without a doubt. And yes - I would be willing to pay more $ for my tickets if we go back to Nike.

  2. I would lean toward “no” on Jordan brand - I think the classic swoosh just looks better.

Nike for sure.

I’m leaning Jumpman only because so few teams have it. I always thought it was cool watching UNC or Georgetown and seeing Jordan’s logo on uni or shorts vs the swoosh (I still love the swoosh). Looked elite. I get Marquette and Cal are the other two, but no one cares about them. Either way though

Personally, I’d only go for Nike due to bball recruiting. I think all the jersey stuff is overrated as none of it is ever as good/bad as people make it out to be.

The jerseys I had to watch Michigan wear when I was down in Chicago were definitely as bad as people said.

Nike, straight Nike. Jordan is a Tar Heel, would much rather not have the jumpman.

Nike, straight Nike. Jordan is a Tar Heel, would much rather not have the jumpman.


Adidas has been awful with the jersey side of things. Although I personally like Under Armour for apparel, their shoe quality leaves a lot to be desired. UA has created some horrible jersey designs as well.

The only answer imo has got to be Nike. Best jersey designs, best shoe quality, recruiting street cred…gotta be the swoosh.

This has prob been mentioned before, but when does our Adidas contract end? When could we conceivably start seeing Michigan Nike jerseys and gear?

FUBU. Let’s be shakers and movers.

Defiantly want Nike

Not this football season, but next is when the big rollout will be for Nike, if it does indeed go that way. Actually probably. A bit before, end of july’ish 2016.