Next priority for 2017?

With Jordan Poole in the fold, what sort of prospect would you prioritize next in the class?

Jaren Jackson has the lone offer, but I’m curious what you guys think.

My guess would be an athletic forward who can play off the ball and excels at lobs and put-backs. Like Glenn Robinson III or Miles Bridges. I don’t follow recruiting enough to know who in 2017 fits that description.

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Looking at '18, you have four guys who can play the 4 or 5 (Wilson, Wagner, Teske, Davis), then Simpson, Poole, and Watson. Even in '17, there’s some chance that Dawkins is gone, Robinson is a RS Senior, so nothing is certain, etc. Wilson and Wagner might have some positional flexibility down the line. Still, I would say a wing, someone who can play the 3. JB & co will always look for versatile guys, but I would imagine they’d like someone who can attack from that position.

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Is this staff taking a serious look at Jamal Cain? Here is a super talented kid right in our backyard ( Detroit Cornerstone ) who has the athletic ability and game to be a super wing athlete. Went for 30 and 12 last night against Chandler Park. He has to have been on campus a few times already, right?


I’ve been told by my cousin JB has been at Monroe catholic central a few times in the past month, watching practice. I guess they have a decent sized kid who transferred in from Bedford MI.

I can’t imagine Monroe CC is producing high level D1 Talent.

Edit: the kid is Nick Welch. I apologize if this is already been mentioned on here.

Probably watching Stefan Umfress. Welch is far from D-1

I got confirmation it was Welch.

Welch was on the sideline at the OSU football game with JB.

After last night’s game – I checked, Azubuike, Bolden and Allen are still uncommitted. Not too late to start texting these guys, coaches.

Would certainly fit right in, skinny, soft and unathletic

Sounds like a JB recruit.

Got to think he is looking for a wing score who can create for himself and others as well as another big wing who can potentially play some 4. I guess that is what he would do with Jackson?

What do you think Dylan?

I hope JB is willing to make some adjustments when recruiting after evaluating this season and the current roster. Next year we could be in some trouble unless current guys don’t make big jumps. We need him to take some athletic guys who get after it (ie: rebound and defend). This current group is missing that and will be an issue going forward. Really hope he is able to see this and make the changes

I put together this projected depth chart, darker colors for starters, lighter for rotation and bench, more or less in order of minutes. Don’t take the future years too seriously.


Very cool, thanks. I love the scholarships charts.

Nicely done @bebopson

I would move MAAR to the Wing. He isn’t a PG and if he’s playing it beyond this year we are in big trouble.

including your suggestion @mpbear14

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So many bigs.

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… yet so little toughness.


With 13 roster spots, there’s room for 1 spot to be the ugliest, nastiest, meanest guy you can find. Get the guy that fouls out every other game cause he hates giving up easy buckets, the guy that takes 3 tries to make a layup and gets pissed if you take his rebound, the guy that has that crazy look in his eye when his teammate gets knocked to the floor.

But really, get 1 guy that can be thrown into a game and get you rebounds. I’m not convinced that if JB changed his rebounding philosophy (bigs block out, guards attack the ball) that it would even make a difference with this roster.

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Chapman can be our tough guy…oh wait.