Next man up, going forward... who you got?

we’ve seen the starting 5 take their games to another level, who is the next one to have a big game for Michigan in the Oregon game? Duncan has had some really good looks, shots just going in and out I think he’s going to have a game where he just can’t miss. Any thoughts of any other players that might have a monster game?

The fun of a tournament run is that in order to advance, most of the players chip in and have their moments each game but different players tend to stand out from game to game. We even saw this in the run in 2013. One game was the Tim game, one was the Trey game, the Nik game, the Mitch game.

Its so much fun to talk about this topic, knowing that so many of the guys are capable of rising to the occasion. Even Mark has had a moment in each of the tourney games where he’s bit the opposition.

Against Oregon, I’d say that smart money is on either DWalt or one of the bigs. I think the stage may be set for Duncan or someone else to go off from deep on Kansas.


I’d love to see Duncan repeat Nik’s performance against Florida in the Elite Eight. He’s got one of those games in him where he can hit 6-8 threes. I don’t know if it happens this year or not, but it’s in there somewhere.


I could see Mo eating up Bell, just like he did Louisville. Bell might get his on the boards, but he doesn’t have the feet to keep up with Mo out on the 3pt line. Id also be surprised if they trusted Pritchard to guard Walton, but if they do, Walton will make them regret it.

Disagree with this from the film I’ve watched thus far.

Likewise. Bell is one of the quickest big men in the country. He can guard multiple positions.

You’re right, shouldnt have made my assumptions off of 5 minutes of the Pac 12 champ game and 5 minutes from the URI game. Still riding that Mo-Louisville sense of immortality

To be fair, I thought Louisville’s bigs could give Moe some problems as well. That was incorrect. But Bell was DPOTY in Pac 12 and seems to move very well.


Oregon seems like a matchup where Irvin can go off — he has the size/strength advantage to drive the rim against 6-4 perimeter based defenders and the shooting ability to knock down 8-12 footers over the top of those smaller defenders. Even if Oregon goes zone, Irvin has the height and strength to shoot those foul line extended jumpers over the top of a 3-guard defense.

If UM goes “small lineup” then Brooks can match Irvin size/strength but when UM is in its “traditional” rotations with Wagner/Donnal at Center and Wilson at the big wing, I don’t see a good option for the Ducks to use on Irvin?

Yea bell can move. The ville guys could too but moe beasted them in the post.

If Oregon stays with the 4 guard lineup, they’ll have a lot of trouble keeping Wilson away from the offensive glass. Of course Michigan will want to prevent the Ducks from getting into transition, so D.J. might not be crashing the glass on every shot…

I think it’s a Walton game, but with smatterings of Duncan as well. The length of Louisville really caused problems for Duncan offensively, but he should get a better matchup tomorrow night. If he can knock down a few shots, then it takes the pressure off a Mo or a DJ to perform. That said, MAAR also should put together a solid game.

I think the biggest concern is the defensive matchups. Obviously Oregon isn’t as big as Louisville, but DJ will need to show out against Brooks or that changes the look of the game drastically.

I will go out on a limb and say X will have a larger role in this game. I will bet he gets 15-20 minutes, play solid D against an athletic guard-orientated Oregon team, 7 points and 2 assists. Not eye-popping by any means but more than what he has been thus far.

Actually after giving it some thought, MAAR is the guy that who could have a monster game. Without Oregon’s shot blocker in the middle he should be able to take the defender off the dribble to the cup. And even if he doesn’t take the shoot he’ll draw the defense in and can kick to a cutter or kick to the outside for an open 3. I’m sure Coach B and staff have added some wrinkles to the offense after watching film on the Oregon D. If they go to a zone then it would be Duncan with a huge game.

I think maar has the big game. If they go zone heavy then Wilson. Against zones our best passing big tends to stand out (mcgary/chatman vs Syracuse and others. -Wilson this year).

Wilson hopefully gets a pep talk about crashing the glass.

I had the same thought about a “Duncan game”. Was at the Nik game and it was just nuts as the 3rd, 4th, 5th… a lot like spike’s H1.

I think X has something in him to get his against a smaller lineup. Would be a good sign if he could come in and be counted on for a bit of offense and some nice set plays for others.

If anyone is on the ground there and wants to meet up pre-game pls message me

I thought the same would happen v Lville, but realistically he’s unlikely to get more than 10 unless somebody else is in foul trouble.

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