Next breakout performance?

Teske’s double double was a welcomed surprise.

Z and Matthews have shown us what they are capable of i think. And i suspect most of us are not going to be surprised when Simmons puts it together, at some point, in the next few months…

My guess before the last game was that Livers was going to be the first in line to have a breakout performance. I figured Livers would be forced into more minutes at some point after Robinson gets into foul trouble and that he would do very well.

After the last game, i am beginning to wonder if i have been selling Ibi a bit short. Ibi has looked pretty solid. His shot looks good. Is Ibi primed to go off somewhat unexpectedly?

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I’ll go with Simmons sometime in Maui.


I’ll take Ibby. He has been solid in limited minutes and with Mathews struggling, he could get more minutes.


Im with @CoryR. Still think this is going to be Simmon’s offense, and it’s just a matter of time until he seizes it. Gotta say MAAR’s shot hunting was encouraging, though. He went cold from 3, but think his shot is the second purest on the team, behind Duncan.


I guess the correct answer would have been Poole.


I think we can agree JP oozes talent. It was great to see that talent EXPLODE on the floor of the Crisler Center yesterday, but I think the key for JB now is to continue to help Jordan understand the difference between a good shot and a not so good one, a good play and an iffy one, without stifling his talent and his confidence. In attempting to make “good” plays within the offense, he will sometimes make great ones. Talented kid, but a freshman, so there is some learning to do. As a fan base I hope we’ll recognize that their may be some “speed bumps” and missteps along the way.

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Not sure he will improve as quickly as Nik did, but have to love his willingness to take the shot. And yes agree needs to learn when, but think that will come.


At least we can be confident that JB will bring the best out of him and ‘direct him’ versus ‘hold him back.’ Poole shaping up to be another great example of why good players who aren’t on track to make it to the NBA should be lining up to play for Coach B.

Just watched the full game reply, the kid - Poole hit every single good shot. The misses were very rushed, off balance and not in the flow of the offense.

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Brooks and Poole will be the future of our backcourt. Brooks has the mind, Poole has the energy.