New Zimmerman Highlights

Etiwanda-Bishop Gorman Highlights 06/22/13

I saw all I needed to see. Obviously needs to work on FTs but what big man doesn’t? He’s a shot changer for sure. And he seems quite comfortable using an array of post moves. His footwork looks fantastic. Get this kid on a plane to AA and offer him immediately.

I have not yet watched the vid, but I’m sure I will like what I see.

Edit: Fairly impressive for more of a full game type video. I like his hands/passing more and more. If there’s one area to pick at, he didn’t keep good track of the dish man the PG was going to pass to, but that’s something that comes with time. Still #1 want in the class.

Yup all the skills are there plus he has a motor that just won’t quit and he backs down from no one.