New uniforms this week

Who would have thunk that the simpler the design, the better it looks?

Wow - I actually think those look pretty sweet. Much much better than our tire treads across the junk.

Simplicity wins.

Yes yes yes x10.

Definitely sweeter than anything Adidas has come up with so far but personally I still think BIG GAME = MAIZE UNIFORMS.

Gonzaga and Charlotte are both the on-top teams in the bracket pairings and wore white. Michigan is the on-top team vs UConn. I’m wondering if the team on top must wear white? Let’s see what Texas A&M wears later.

Good question. I always thought that Michigan’s maize could work either as a road or away jersey, as long as the opponent doesn’t have first dibs on yellow or gold (like Minny at home).

Michigan is the home team tonight and win or lose, it will be home team tomorrow night as well I believe. Should be the away team on Friday if my reading of the schedule is correct.

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So much for my speculation lol