New rule allows instant replay on charges in Big Ten games

The experimental rule can be applied only during Big Ten and Mid-American conference games under the following conditions:

Instant replay can be used only in the last two minutes of the second half or the last two minutes of any overtime period.
Instant replay may be used only when an official has made a block/charge call in or around the restricted area arc, and the decision is based on whether the defensive player was in or outside the arc. Instant replay may not be used on no-calls.
Any review, whether by the officials or a coach’s appeal, must be recognized and corrected before the ball next becomes live.

So it’s only in the last two minutes to determine if the feet are outside the arc on called charges. I’m opposed. Slows the game down and charge/block seems like such a judgment call that pretending to “get it right” is a waste. But hopefully won’t be a big deal.


Yes that appears to be the rule. Seems like it shouldn’t happen too often, but we shall see.

Not a fan of this rule

At the very least, this should only be a 15 second review right?

Am I reading this wrong or is it just a matter of them checking if a players feet were outside the arc? If that’s all it is, I’m a big fan actually. Only caveat is that I hope refs don’t stop play with 1:58 to go in a 20 point blowout to check.

That’s what it is… And another reason to stop the game in the final two minutes.

I can see the downside of it slowing things down. But the potential impact of getting it right/wrong in a crucial possession seems worth the stoppage of play, much the same reviewing a 2 or 3 in the final minutes would be. I like the thought of getting it right

What’s odd to me is that it’s only for foot placement. Charge calls are often so close I wonder if when reviewing the feet the refs actually see that the call was incorrect regardless of foot placement. And if so, would they reverse a call?

I assume they won’t call them, but that’s going to be the general feeling IMO. We watch a game, see the replay, it’s a terrible charge call, they can’t over turn it because his feet were outside of the circle. Repeat.

Good. Better to get it right.

Instant replay has been a godsend for major league baseball.

I know this would never happen and would cause games to take forever, but why not call a foul when there is a block/charge and rather than making the distinction right away…go to the monitor and make the call based on instant replay. Block/charges are bang bang calls, it’s impossible for the refs to be right every time.

Because, as advanced stats clearly demonstrate, the only important minutes in a game are those last few. /s It’s kinda like an NBA season, I suppose.

Don’t ask people in LA about replay after tonight’s MLB playoff game.

(Sorry but the timing of the MLB Replay gaffe at home plate tonight was just too perfect with this conversation)

Yeah that was bad

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They should just limit timeouts to 2 per game and stop the TV timeout nonsense.

If they got rid of TV timeouts I’d be totally fine with 2 timeouts per half for each coach. They can’t do that because it would be a disaster for their revenue though…


I’ll never complain about the timeouts after watching NBA games.