New design/Patreon login

Hey guys,

Will have a full announcement soon, but we are obviously rolling out a new design today. Any of you who are Patreons, if you can try logging in and seeing if you can access the content on the frontpage as intended that would be awesome.

Thanks so much and let me know if you are having problems.

I’m a Patreon member and when I logged in on the main page it didn’t recognize me as such. It is asking me to subscribe.

Same thing for me

What do you guys see if you go to this page?

Can you guys both give it another shot? That would be awesome, thanks. Trying to get a fix in place.

Same thing for me as well

I didn’t see a link for the forum when I saw it in the wee hours of the morning either

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When I click on this link it recognizes me as a member and gives an option to modify my subscription

Does it show your pledge amount?

Just a $ sign and a link to modify. When I click the modify link the first thing I see is the give away winners for August

Yeah, that means it is logging you in but isn’t grabbing the amount for some reason. Trying to figure out why.

Works for me now. When I log-in it takes me to page that shows my pledge amount but if I just click on the banner it takes me to the main page and I can access the content.

Seems to be working now.

Some issues going on with re-syncing the information from Patreon with the new site. Could take up to a minute for the pledge amount to sync, so be patient and then refresh that page and you should be able to see content.

This should only happen the first time you login to the new site.

I am having problems logging in and accessing information on the front page.

Hey @lopez

What shows up here:

Mine was working. Now it isn’t.

States our records show that you have pledged: $ I refreshed after a minute as asked and still shows the same.

Had to reset all the tokens one more time. Might be working now…

Still not working for me.