New 247 Rankings for 2019

Cole Bajema at 56
Jalen Wilson at 30


Interesting that Wilson stayed so high. Thought most were predicting a slight fall. Two top 60 recruits is fine with me.


Beverly took a fairly steep drop to 90. He’s not even in the composite anymore. In the other way, Lester Quinones went up to almost 70. Girard went down quite a bit, Samuell Williamson went up a bit too. Overall, I’m pretty happy with Michigan’s two-man class at the moment and wouldn’t be too upset if we didn’t land anyone else.

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Seems lime quite a jump for Cole…should be fun watching his potential. Hoping he’s just starting to bloom.

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Hype on Beverly was high in April and then settled down in July. The exact opposite of Bajema. Fascinating look at how the recruiting world works.

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I didn’t really ‘get’ the increase in Beverly hype, to be honest. Not because I don’t think he’s talented, I definitely do, I think he’s very good, I just didn’t see anything different than what he’d already shown to be a cause for the jump he got. Of course, I am just one person’s opinion and the recruiting world works in interesting ways.

ESPN came out with their new rankings. Bajema still unranked and Jalen WIlson is #72