Need some Qs for the next episode of the Pin Down

Go ahead and post them here!

How bad are the numbers on Moussa and Hunter sharing the floor? Do you think a move away from chin action toward more horns is a realistic way to fix the spacing when they play together? Any other actions come to mind you would like to see them run more of?

It seems like they are trying to get Moussa to duck in behind Hunter ball screens lately rather than replace or space to 3. Maybe that is a positive to how badly Arizona kicked Michigan’s ass with that action?

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Given the loss of a buy game to tinker with lineups and rotations, how deep do you think the rotation goes against UCF this week?

As we head into the big ten season, what seem to be the best ways to use the 80 minutes at the forward spots based on what’s working and what isn’t?

There has been a lot of talk about “Heat Culture” over the years. Duncan references it a lot on his pod. Can you share any tangibles as to what that means, and how Juwan has brought a piece of that culture, mixed with his own, to Michigan?

How effective can the 1-2-2 press be for Michigan as the season moves onward? Will it become an abandoned gimmick once the opponents actually spend any effort scouting and preparing, or will it still be useful for a few minutes a game even in conference play?

On a related theme, what other wrinkles could be added on offense or defense to take advantage of Diabate’s unique skill set?