Need some podcast Qs

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Do you think McDaniels’ three point shot looks “funny” or “unconventional” or however it was the coaching staff described it before the season started? Are there any red flags to suggest that he will shoot a much lower percentage as the season wears on?

Would you rather have a bench with a Jett-sized Dug or 5 Dug-sized Jetts?


Will Juwan ever shorten the rotation to say 7 guys - 8 max?

If Terrance continues to struggle - who is most likely to pick up some of those minutes?

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I know you’re not too immediately hopeful, but I’d like to hear some detailed talk about the more peripheral players, their chances of contributing, what they need to improve.

Did the moral victories against Virginia and Kentucky show increased quality of play, or are those teams not as good as we think?

Sent several via Twitter. Big Dug fan and excited he’s forced into action. The game should easily slow down long before tournament season now.

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So much of the discussion around the bench early in the season has been that they are just unplayable.

Yet the group of Khayat, Barnes, Baker, McDaniel, Jace is somehow shooting 24 of 47 (51%) from three on the season combined, and the worst % shooter from that group on the season is Dug at 42%.

Obviously that seems unsustainable, but for a team that has lacked shooting in the starting lineup, do you buy that anyone from this group (beyond Dug) could thrive if given a larger role, possibly similarly to how Dug looked great when given a chance?

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Does Eric feel any better about Michigan’s defense with Dug being on the floor for 30 minutes now?

If you’re the head coach of Michigan and given the sample size of Llewellyn, the miss on Collier, would you take your chances on another PG in the Portal? Bring JL Back? Roll with one PG next year?

Michigan’s defense looked quite serviceable for the first 32 minutes against Minnesota (before starters came back in cold and before garbage time). Was the defense really meaningfully better? If so, how much of this is due to playing the worst big ten team? Is there anything repeatable to take forward?


How would Eric maximize Bakers value in the minutes he plays and what (if anything) does he see limiting his ability to get shots or get more minutes?

Did Michigan’s approach, scheme, play selection, or execution change with Dug against MN to result in the outcome? (Or is MN just that bad…)

What, if any, changes would you make to the minutes breakdown or rotation to better leverage the bench and mitigate the flaws of the starters? (Or should the starters play 40mpg?).

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Thanks guys – got to quite a few of these on the pod! Hopefully a good listen in the morning.